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Valcarion: Sacrifices (The Valcarion Series Book 1) by Luke Edison

Sacrifices, Valcarion Series, Luke Edison, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Fantasy, Epic, Sword and Sorcery
Format: eBook
Publication Date: July 26, 2016

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Valcarion: Sacrifices is an enthralling adventure from the start as readers are cast into the expansive fantasy world of Frais. A tale of great battles, loyalty, and sacrifice is told through the eyes of Valcarion Theoron, an orphan from the age of three, who is well acquainted with the deep-cutting consequences of the war that has been ravaging his world. Until the age of sixteen, however, Valcarion was seen by the world around him as unimportant; just another body on a quickly changing planet. As the story unfolds, Valcarion’s past troubles and worries are swiftly forgotten when he finds a mysterious sword: one of the legendary Blades of Seraphic. From the moment Valcarion touches the decorated hilt, he is forever changed. In a world full of lore and mystery, Valcarion will need something more than luck to rise to the challenges he faces as a young wielder. Unknown to Valcarion, the only other dangerously powerful blade is held by none other than the malevolent king, Grostine, who leads a battle hardened army in a campaign of darkness.

As war begins to affect Valcarion on an increasingly personal level by claiming his remaining family and threatening his freedom, the young hero has his dedication and strength of character tested at every turn. Though loyal friends join his cause along the way, in the end it is Valcarion who has to decide just how much he is truly willing to sacrifice.


Valcarion Theoron is an orphan who is too young to join the army with his brother but too old to want to sit idly by as Grostine attacks his homeland.

On his way home from a hunting trip that he had to cut short, Valcarion comes across a very powerful sword that can slice through virtually anything and has given him the power to turn ice into water. After a narrow escape from Grostine's invading forces, he finds himself in the company of a man who knows what the sword is. Valacarion learns that the sword he wields is one of two Blades of Seraphic and that it can only be defeated by the second Blade of Seraphic which is held by Grostine.

Valcarion embarks on an adventure that will lead him into a battle for his homeland and life against Grostine. Will Valcarion be able to master the sword and its powers, or will he lose his homeland and his life?


Initially, I thought I was in for an Arthurian type of fantasy because of Valcarion's background, the circumstances surrounding how he came upon the sword, and the appearance of a mentor who told him about the sword's history and its powers. However, as the plot unfolded, the author went in a different direction and the book reads like an epic fantasy without the length.

Unlike most epic fantasies that I have read in which most of the protagonists are well-developed, Edison focused his efforts on developing Valcarion's character. It was a refreshing change of pace from the long, rambling epic fantasies that take me at least a week to read. Valcarion is an engaging and personable character so I was glad that the plot focused primarily on him.

I enjoyed the fact that the plot is unpredictable; just when I began to see a pattern, Edison switched it up by including another character or adding a twist to the plot. These frequent changes kept me engaged in the book from beginning to end.

I do not want to give away the ending, but I was a bit surprised by it. I thought for sure that the showdown between Grostine and Valcarion would not take place until the next book, and I was even more surprised by how the battle ended. It is definitely an ending worthy of an epic fantasy.

The great thing about Valcarion: Sacrifices is that it has the potential to appeal to a wide group of fantasy readers; whether you enjoy epic fantasies, medieval fantasies, or adventurous sword and sorcery fantasies, Edison combines these elements to create a captivating story that is hard to put down.

About Luke Edison

Valcarion Series, Sacrifices, Luke Edison, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Luke Edison, author. Reprinted with permission.

Luke Edison is a twenty-two year-old author who resides in southern New Jersey, where he grew up alongside four siblings in a home that was never lacking adventure. During his sophomore year of high school Luke began writing a story that he had mapped out in his mind several years earlier, Valcarion: Sacrifices, as the first book of The Valcarion Series. Though Luke enjoys multiple art forms such as pencil sketches, song writing, and acting, his love for story telling is his most prominent and well-favored artistic interest. When not writing or studying as a college student, Luke enjoys activities such as terrain-park skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, camping, and hiking.

Though he has many passions in life, Luke’s primary goal may be found in his desire to positively influence the lives of many readers by successfully making a name for himself. His desire is to use his writing as a tool to reach teens and young adults and to build his public personality. Like the protagonists in his writing, Luke hopes that his actions as a public figure will impact the world around him in ways which encourage and inspire people across the globe.
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Update 6/20/19

Valcarion: Sacrifices is temporarily unavailable. The website for the series says that it will be re-released this month so make sure to keep an eye out for it.