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Super Sporty 6: The Day of the Doom Phantom

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Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Children, Action
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: October 3, 2015

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Sporty and her best friend, Harley, are two young horses who play basketball for Horsecitty's professional team called the Shorthorns. They're also superheroes.

Sporty, Harley and the rest of their teammates are all set for a relaxing Christmas vacation. But when one of their rivals disappears in front of their very eyes, things start to get interesting. As their friends vanish one by one, Sporty and Harley realize that a sinister force is at work in Horsecitty, one who will stop at nothing in order to to rule the world....


When Sporty's and Harley's peers begin to mysteriously vanish before their eyes, it is up to the two superheroes to discover who, or what is behind the disappearances.

Will Sporty and Harley be able to find the missing horses and save them before it is too late, or have they finally met their match?


Firestone immediately sets the stakes high in this installment of the Super Sporty series by plunging readers into a nightmare that Sporty is having. Is it a dream that foretells the demise of the superhero duo, or is it nothing more than a bad dream? Even with the knowledge that there are more books in the Super Sporty series, I was wondering if Sporty and Harley would actually be defeated this time.

As with the preceding books in the series, readers will follow the exploits of the witty and adorable superheroes as they use teamwork to find their peers. While teamwork is the overarching lesson in the series, one cannot ignore other lessons that appear in this story: providing help to those who need it, even if they are rude and hateful, and demonstrating appreciation for teammates through encouragement. These lessons are subtly inserted into the plot but play a pivotal role nonetheless.

Crucial life lessons are not the only lessons in the book; the vocabulary will challenge new readers to learn more about the words and their context while the brightly-colored illustrations of the superheroes, their friends, and villains will help inspire young and active imaginations.

Super Sporty 6: The Day of the Doom Phantom has action and suspense to keep children engaged and asking you to read "just one more page" while imparting lessons in vocabulary, respect, and teamwork.

About Ellie Firestone

Ellie Firestone, Author
Courtesy of Goodreads
Ellie Firestone lives in the beautiful rolling hills of the English Cotswolds, where she spends her days reading, swimming, and writing her stories.

She also visits her extended family in Texas for weeks at a time, and it's here that she rides horses, goes fishing, swims, and writes even more stories.

She has several pets, including some fish that breed like rabbits, and a super-cute English Toy Terrier named Bonnie, whose hobbies include playing Fetch and eating various articles of clothing.

Do the children in your life have favorite stories? What do they think of the Super Sporty series? Let me know in the comments.

Update June 5, 2019

I just found out that Ellie Firestone has decided to unpublish her Super Sporty books. There may be a few paperbacks being sold by third-party sellers floating around; however, the eBook versions of the series are no longer available.