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Wings to Whispers by P.S. Winn

Wings to Whispers, P.S. Winn, book review

Source: I snagged this Ebook from Amazon during a promotion that P.S. Winn was running.
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Spirituality, Short Stories
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: March 21, 2016

Back Cover

Do you believe? The next world is closer than we think. This collection of short stories takes readers into the lives of people touched by those on the other side. A feeling, a smell or a strange occurrence may be more than your minds imagination or a coincidence, You may have just had a visit from the other side.


Wings to Whispers is a collection of contemplative and touching short stories that discusses the possibility that the veil between this world and the afterlife can be crossed for a brief moment. 


This book is a departure from the books filled with Native American legends, conspiracies, and other supernatural occurrences that I have read by Winn in the past. Some readers might find themselves contemplating their mortality while others might find comfort in the touching and poignant stories about visitors from the other side of the veil.

There were a couple of stories that I found particular touching:

Wings is a story of an older couple who are still very much in love after many happy years of marriage. Rose loves hummingbirds and has required Roger's help on several occasions to help her relocate the hummingbird feeder in an effort to entice the birds to their yard. Roger performs this task for her, even though he has yet to see a single hummingbird in the area.

When Rose dies in her sleep later on that day, Roger sees something that convinces him that she is paying him a visit from the other side.

Heart to Heart introduces us to a small family of three as they say goodbye to Logan before he is deployed. During the small farewell party, the couple's daughter, Hannah, presents her father with a heart-shaped pin for luck.

Six months after the party, Logan tells his daughter and wife that Hannah's gift saved him from being struck by a bullet. Hannah was pleased that her gift helped her father and was confident that it would continue to protect him. Six months later, Hannah has a strange dream about her father. Soon after she tells her mother about it, a man wearing a uniform and medals knocks on the door.

Is it possible that Logan visited Hannah one last time before crossing over?

Winn does an excellent job of conveying the sense of loss as well as the comfort and hope that people derive from believing that their lost loved one have visited them briefly.

Wings to Whispers is a nice, light read that I would recommend to anyone who believes that there is an afterlife and that visitors from the other side can cross over and touch our lives.

On another note, I found out that the drawing on the cover was also done by P.S. Winn. I love the detail on the hummingbird and the colors that are not too subdued or vivid. What do you think?

A little birdie told me that Wings to Whispers is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon, so now's the time to grab yourself a copy!

About P.S. Winn

Photo of P.S. Winn, author. Book review by On My Kindle Book Reviews
P.S. Winn, author.
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I am an avid writer, reader and reviewer. I am constantly with a book whether mine or someone else's. Because I love to read, I find that I am always thinking of my readers when I write and thanking them for what they add to my books. Their imagination added to mine complete the story.

Have you read Wings to Whispers or another book by P.S. Winn? Do you believe that loved ones can visit us after they die? Let me know in the comments.