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Parallel Adventures: Into The Caves by PS Winn

Source: I purchased this book from Amazon.
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: March 25, 2015

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Jenny and Jayden Carter are twins. Turning thirteen and out of school for the summer the twins are worried their vacation time will be boring. Heading down to the caves near their home, the twins find a lost puppy. Chasing him into the caves the twins find the surprise of their life and some adventures they will never forget.


The story begins with the twins, Jayden and Jenny Carter, helping their parents prepare for the small party that they are throwing to celebrate their thirteenth birthdays. The twins are gearing up for a long and boring summer vacation; both of their parents volunteered to work during their summer break and all of their friends have made other plans or commitments that will keep them from hanging out with the twins.

The twins are somewhat consoled by the bicycles and archaeology kits that they receive for their birthday, and they plan on putting their new acquisitions to good use by exploring the caves near their town. During their first foray into the caves, the twins find a lost puppy named Portal. Portal runs off and the twins follow him further into the caves. After catching up with him, they find that he has led them to what they assume is another way out of the caves. When they emerge from the cave, they discover that Portal did not lead them home; or did he?

After grabbing the second book, Parallel Adventures: Secrets Revealed, when it was being offered for free on Amazon, I decided to buy the first book in the series. I really did not know what to expect since this is the first young adult book that I have read by P.S. Winn, but I was certainly not disappointed!

I immediately noticed that this book is well-suited for pre-teens; the vocabulary, the subject matter, and the adventure aspects of the book are complex enough to pique a younger reader's interest, but not overly complex for this age group. The vocabulary and adventure are reminiscent of the Encyclopedia Brown books that I read when I was around eight- or nine-years-old.

Jenny and Jayden are both pretty upbeat and lovable characters. Winn struck a good balance between conveying the bond that they have as twins and providing separate and distinct personalities for the young protagonists. Portal, the puppy, was the icing on the cake for me and Winn described him in enough detail to make him sound adorable!

Parallel Adventures: Into the Caves by P.S. Winn is a nice, easy read for adults and a clean, fun, and adventure-filled read for pre-teens; it is definitely one to add to your family's library!

About P.S. Winn

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P.S. Winn, author.
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I am an avid writer, reader and reviewer. I am constantly with a book whether mine or someone else's. Because I love to read, I find that I am always thinking of my readers when I write and thanking them for what they add to my books. Their imagination added to mine complete the story.
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