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Parallel Adventures: Secrets Revealed by PS Winn

Parallel Adventure, Secrets Revealed, P.S. Winn, book review, On My Kindle Book Reviews

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Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Adventure, Time Travel
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: May 7, 2015

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As the series continues, twins Jenny and Jayden Carter follow their dog Portal into alternate realities through the caves by their home. This time the adventure is higher and the suspense is greater as they find the evil is closer to home than they had ever dreamed.


Now that Jenny and Jayden understand what roles they are destined to play in the parallel worlds that they visit, they learn from their mentor, Travlar, that some worlds are corrupted by evil. When this evil threatens their family, the twins prepare themselves for a battle that will determine the other worlds' fates.

In this second installment of the Parallel Adventures series, readers will learn more about the evil that is corrupting some of the other worlds. We also learn more about the twins' enigmatic mentor, Travlar, and discover that there are even more parallel worlds beyond what the twins can access in the caves near their home.

Winn reveals enough information about what happened in the previous book to prevent readers who are new to the series from being confused, so this installment can be read on its own. However, she also manages to keep the adventure moving forward at a decent pace so that readers who read the first book do not lose interest.

There is a bit more action in this book as the twins face the evil that is corrupting some of the parallel worlds; however, it is not graphic. Grimm's fairy tales, including the Disney versions, and The Bible have more graphic violence than this book does. It is still a very clean read and age-appropriate for tweens and preteens.

There is a science fiction aspect to this series. It is not complex, which makes the book more of a delightful adventure novel than a science fiction novel.

I was happy with the ending, but I think that it left some room for additional books in the series without leaving the reader dissatisfied. My only critique is that I think there should be more books in the series because it is difficult to find clean, interesting, and age-appropriate books for preteens and tweens.

Parallel Adventures: Secrets Revealed by P.S. Winn is another fantastic book to add to the family library as it is a clean adventure with lovable and realistic characters.

About P.S. Winn

P.S. Winn, Parallel Adventures, Into The Caves, book review, On My Kindle Book Reviews
P.S. Winn, author.
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I am an avid writer, reader and reviewer. I am constantly with a book whether mine or someone else's. Because I love to read, I find that I am always thinking of my readers when I write and thanking them for what they add to my books. Their imagination added to mine complete the story.
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