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Anvil Creede Dragon Warrior Part 2: 'tween Thorn and Oak by Chris Lewis & Tim Pearsall

'tween Thorn and Oak, Chris Lewis, Tim Pearsall, Anvil Creede Dragon Warrior, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received a free draft copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Science Fiction, Alternate Reality
Format: eBook, possibly print
Publication Date: October 8, 2016

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The battle for freedom has begun. Anvil the boy has become Anvil the warrior. The dragon armour gives him strength and access to knowledge not his own. The mysterious rulers of the Cathist empire, the Fathi, are aware of the young warrior, of the awakened force of The Lore. They will stop at nothing to destroy him, and despatch the infamous Cardinal Sardius to annihilate Anvil and his rebel clans,

"For he shall have judgement without mercy!"

Sardius prepares a holy cleansing, the balance of the Earth is teetering, but Anvil Creede is the Dragon Warrior! His hate and lust for revenge could know no bounds.


After the events in the previous book, From the Dominion of the Vile, war against the Cathists is inevitable. Anvil Creede must successfully demonstrate his mastery of the Lore in one final challenge to convince the High Council that he is indeed the Animus from The Lore's prophecy in order to unite them against the Cathist army.

With his Honour Guard beside him, Anvil journeys across the land; rallying followers of the Lore to fight a technologically advanced army in the upcoming epic and bloody battle that could decimate his army and end the war. Can Anvil demonstrate his mastery of the Lore and convince the High Council to unite their clans, or will they remain divided and lose the war in one battle?

My first impression: this book would make an epic role-playing game that would rival Dragon Age in its story and characters!

As the plot unfolds, we learn more about the history of the Animus and its Honour Guard; particularly about a war that was lost in the past when another Animus gathered the followers of the Lore to fight an equally impossible and epic battle. This gives the members of the Honour Guard some depth and interest, elevating them from the status of "sidekicks" to "shield brothers" while other colorful and interesting characters make their way into the spotlight for brief moments, giving readers the chance to see the preparations from different perspectives.

The setting that the story takes place in is lush and vivid. When combined with the plot and characters, it immerses readers in an alternate reality in which it is easy to suspend disbelief as the authors relate the weeks preceding the battle between the followers of the Lore and the vile Cathists.

If you liked the first book, you will definitely enjoy this one as it reveals more about the history of the Animus and leads up to the first major confrontation between the Lore and the Cathists. 'tween Thorn and Oak has an intriguing plot rife with social commentary, fascinating characters, and a scenic backdrop that rivals Tolkien's work. If you have not started the series, then I highly recommend it as it has all of the elements that fans of the genre enjoy.

About Chris Lewis 

It seems that Chris Lewis prefers to work in relative anonymity; however, you can find him online:

About Tim Pearsall

Tim Pearsall, author, 'tween Thorn and Oak, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Tim Pearsall, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
Timothy Pearsall was born in England and grew up in the industrial West Midlands known as 'the black country'. As a young man he moved to London where he began to write fiction as a hobby. The hobby was largely shelved for several years when he married and had children. He now lives in Norwich, England, and works in local government. Now that his children are grown up and he is widowed, he is able to spend more time writing, he has updated and renamed his Domina Mortis books and released Evelina as the first in a dark paranormal series.

He describes Evelina as a "dirty and Stabby" supernatural soap heroine.

He describes himself from the Desiderata poem as an off-the-peg person 'going placidly amid the noise and haste'.