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Data Pilots by W.H. Wall

Data Pilots, W.H. Wall, Science Fiction, Technology, Book Review, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received monetary compensation for this honest review.
Genre: Science Fiction, Technology
Format: eBook
Publication Date: November 5, 2016

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When young programmer Tom Howard realizes that he can be in two places at the same time, he journeys into a digital space-like wonderland called Neuralverse, a realm reminiscent of classic and modern science fiction fantasy. Tom functions as a hyper-advanced data pilot in this digital domain where the databases of earth are linked with minds of the world’s top thinkers. The fast-paced rocket-ship-ride-of-an-adventure ultimately challenges Tom’s sanity and allegiances, as he grapples with the possibility of becoming the guardian of Wallfire, an elaborate security system that protects Neuralverse from Nervers.


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When Tom Howard attended a conference with his mentor and sponsor, David Beecher, he was not expecting to be recruited by the Alpha Centauri Project; especially since the invitation was extended in the middle of the keynote speaker's lecture!

Tom soon discovers that the Alpha Centauri Project is located in a digital world called the Neuralverse. The Neuralverse is a place that allows his physical body to occupy the "normal world" while his mind navigates through data in the digital world; allowing him to be in two places at once. To make matters even more complicated, Tom finds out that he is being asked to become the guardian of Wallfire, a system that protects the data and users in the Neuralverse from hackers called "Nervers."

Is Tom losing his mind in the middle of a conference, or is the Neuralverse real?

My first impressions of this book were a combination of interest and dismay. I was intrigued by the premise because it was unique. In the Neuralverse, people can be aware of their physical environments while their minds analyze the massive amounts of data available in this digital world.

On the other hand, I was dismayed because I have read similar books that devolve into a prepubescent fantasy. I was expecting this one to be no different; however, I was surprised by Wall's ability to elevate the premise by making Tom an ethical, clean-cut data analysis prodigy whose only interest was in navigating his way through the large amounts of data at his disposal. At first I thought that Tom was too clean-cut and ethical to be realistic, but Wall introduced a nice conundrum that sent Tom along an unethical tangent.

While Wall did add some realism to Tom, I felt ambivalent about the protagonists and the antagonists in the plot. The dialogue felt like it was being relayed through an objective third party, so it lacked emotion. I was interested to see which side would come out on top, but I really didn't know enough about any of the characters to root for either team. Readers do not really get to know much about the protagonists' pasts, and the glimpse of an antagonist's past seemed objective and detached. I didn't feel the need to really despise the villains in the plot.

Even though I wish that the author had added a few more pages to give the characters some depth, Data Pilots is easy to read and has a unique premise; something that is hard to find in the science fiction genre.

Rating: 4/5 Stars - My feelings about the antagonists and protagonists were ambivalent because I didn't know enough about either side to like or dislike them. The dialogue felt like it was being relayed to me by an objective third party. However, the premise was unique and Wall did a nice job of keeping it elevated, rather than allowing it to devolve into a egomaniac's sick fantasy world.

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W.H. Wall, author of Data Pilots. Book Review by On My Kindle Book Reviews. Photo courtesy of Mr. Wall's Twitter profile.
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Data Pilots - In 2016 Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said, “Data is the new electricity.” If that is true, then I want my grandchilren to know about future data job opportunities. I wrote this book to introduce young people to the wonderful world of data as a science fiction fantasy adventure.

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