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The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery (Volume 3) by Phyllis Entis

The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper by Phyllis Entis, mystery, Damien Dickens, book review, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Mystery, Private Investigator
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: October 10, 2016

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Real estate mogul Derek J. Turpin, a chocolate company, and a journalist present the Dickens Detective Agency with its greatest challenge yet.

After returning from a honeymoon cruise aboard a sailing ship, Damien and Millie land a plum assignment - a trip to Montreal to run a simple background check on a chocolate company. But, their plans are disrupted when a fellow passenger from their cruise comes to them for protection.

What did Barbara Lafleur, a travel writer for a Montreal newspaper, learn about Derek Turpin's activities that has put her in fear for her life? After she is struck by a car in a deliberate hit-and-run, it's up to Team Dickens to put a stop to Turpin's schemes.

The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper is the third novel in the Damien Dickens Mysteries series.


When Damien decided to surprise Millie with a honeymoon cruise, he wasn't expecting high-end luxury, but he certainly wasn't expecting a small cabin with bunk beds either! Even though they are a bit disappointed with their accommodations, the two decide to make the most of it and end up having a nice time.

Upon their return, Damien and Millie are given a cushy assignment that sends them Montreal to run a background check on a chocolate company that the owner of Sutherland Smokes is planning to buy. A wrench is thrown into their plans to depart when a fellow passenger, Barbara Lefleur, visits their office.

It turns out that Barbara was not a casual tourist on the cruise; she was on assignment to uncover a scam being run by Barefoot Cruises and business mogul Derek Turpin. Barbara tells Damien and Millie that she is being followed and requires their protection; something that becomes apparent after Barbara is struck by a car deliberately.

Will Damien and Millie find out who is behind the scam being run by Barefoot Cruises and Barbara's brush with death?

Since I have read the first two books in the series and enjoyed them, I was really excited to read this book!

I am a dog-lover, so the title piqued my interest immediately. The main plot is not about dogs, but the title does reveal a bit about the sub-plots. By the time I finished reading it, I totally understood the title and thought that it was clever.

The beginning of the plot hooked me right away because I can relate to planning a nice getaway and ending up with accommodations that were not as nice as I expected them to be. While Damien and Millie seemed to go with the flow a little better than I would, I still related to Millie's initial disappointment with the accommodations.

I was gratified to see how Entis took what seemed to be two separate assignments and tied them together. This added interest and suspense to the plot because I was not really sure how the two assignments were going end up fitting together. I also enjoyed how she made this third installment of the series more thrilling than its predecessors; I was not sure that Damien and Millie could protect Barbara, and I was waiting to see if Millie or Damien would come to harm.

Readers who have been waiting to know a bit more about Damien's past will not be disappointed because Entis reveals a little bit about his past. It certainly confirmed my suspicions that underneath Damien's swagger was a sensitive soul. This revelation made Damien more substantial as a character, and I think it was a brilliant move on Entis' part to include it in the novel.

The combination of an intriguing and suspenseful plot, witty dialogue, and insights into Damien's past make The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper my favorite book in the Damien Dickens Mystery Series thus far. It compels me to wonder what new adventures Entis has in store for Damien and Millie, and I am looking forward to her next Damien Dickens Mystery!

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About Phyllis Entis

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Phyllis Entis, Author
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I am proud and honored that The Green Pearl Caper has been named as a Library Journal SELF-e Selection.

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and am a graduate of McGill University and the University of Toronto. I turned a love of science into a career in food safety microbiology that lasted for thirty-five years.

Upon retiring, I decided to follow a different dream. I inherited a love for language and wordplay from my mother and my grandfather, and a love of reading from my father. This heritage, along with a lifetime of reading Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton, and Louise Penny mysteries, inspired me to create Damien Dickens, Private Investigator.

I live in Carmel, California with my husband and our Australian Cobberdog. When I'm not working on a Damien Dickens story, I can be found baking, tending the garden, or sharing long walks.