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Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi by Ellie Firestone

Book Review, Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi by Ellie Firestone, Children, Action, Adventure, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Genre: Children, Action, Adventure
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: December 1, 2015

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Sporty and her best friend, Harley, are two young horses who play basketball for Horsecitty's professional team called the Shorthorns. They're also superheroes.

In this adventure, Horsecitty's skies are visited by an unusual sight -- a flock of real live pegasi! From the start, it's clear that they're nothing but trouble -- not only can they shoot lasers from their eyes, but they're led by one of Sporty and Harley's old enemies: the evil Tombulus Mako. Hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered, Sporty and Harley must solve the mysteries of the pegasi and defeat their army before they lay waste to all of Horsecitty ... and the world!

If you like horses, if you like superheroes, if you like adventure and aliens, then you'll love Super Sporty and the rest of the Horsecitty gang.


Sporty and Harley are enjoying a fine day at a cafe when Harley spots a pegasus in the sky. The two watch in amazement as this mythological creature performs a wonderful aerial display. When Harley decides to take a closer look, things go south quickly as the two superheroes discover that the pegasi's intentions are less than benign when one of the creatures attacks Harley.

Sporty quickly intervenes to save Harley but is injured in the process. With a damaged wing and a broken leg, Sporty will need to use her brain to figure out how the superhero duo can save Horsecitty and the world!

I have read and enjoyed all of the previous books in this series, and The Attack of the Pegasi is no exception. Firestone consistently helps her readers to suspend reality by creating stories with a combination of convincing and loveable characters, action-packed adventure, wit, and a bit of whimsy.

What makes The Attack of the Pegasi stand out from the rest of the series is that Sporty is forced to use her intellect to solve the mystery of the pegasi, rather than using her ability to fly. I am not saying that Sporty and Harley do not use their brains in the other books, but this book seems to emphasize using logic over brawn. Another differentiating point of the book is that Sporty and Harley find themselves working with an enemy to solve the mystery. It was an unexpected twist that made the plot a bit more complex and enjoyable.

While Sporty and Harley find themselves working with a new group of people in this book, the moral of the story remains focused on teamwork, cooperation, and respect. Firestone manages to keep from being preachy about these morals but demonstrates how problems can be solved effectively if one has these traits.

The Attack of the Pegasi by Ellie Firestone is a fun and witty adventure that teaches the merits of brains over brawn, respect, teamwork, cooperation, and includes opportunities to build children's vocabulary skills. It is definitely a great book for elementary school-aged children and will make a great addition to any family's library!

About Ellie Firestone

Ellie Firestone, Super Sporty, Attack of the Pegasi, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Ellie Firestone, Author
Courtesy of Goodreads
Ellie Firestone lives in the beautiful rolling hills of the English Cotswolds, where she spends her days reading, swimming, and writing her stories.

She also visits her extended family in Texas for weeks at a time, and it's here that she rides horses, goes fishing, swims, and writes even more stories.

She has several pets, including some fish that breed like rabbits, and a super-cute English Toy Terrier named Bonnie, whose hobbies include playing Fetch and eating various articles of clothing.

Have you read Super Sporty with the kids in your life? What did they think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Update June 5, 2019

I just found out that Ellie Firestone has decided to unpublish her Super Sporty books. There may be a few paperbacks being sold by third-party sellers floating around; however, the eBook versions of the series are no longer available.