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Creatures of Dawnia: A Collection of Adventures by Sam Savelli

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Source: I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.
Genre: Children, Adventure
Format: Print
Publication Date: December 28, 2016

Back Cover

A Collection of Stories includes twenty installments from the series, Creatures of Dawnia. The series follows the adventures of a group of animals and other creatures in 'Dawnia City', as they encounter different friends and foes in a wide variety of stories. In this collection of stories they come up against the troublesome magic of Spell the witch and the bloodthirsty schemes of Derek the vampire. They also have plenty of fun together, solve arguments amongst themselves and visit the moon! The stories in this book are:

CAMPING in which witches ruin a camping trip

QUEEN WENDY in which Louis brings back cheese from the moon

THE VAMPIRE'S DINNER in which Dack meets a vampire

A VISITOR in which Maddie tries to play Twister

SPELL'S NEMESIS in which Spell's nemesis

A TRIP TO THE MOON (4 parts) in which everyone goes to the moon

A SHEEP AND A VAMPIRE in which Derek the vampire returns to Dawnia

MADDIE AND THE FARMER in which Maddie terrorises the farmer

BATTLE OF THE ELVES in which Dula becomes a peacemaker

THE PAINTING OF TERROR in which Dougle paints a masterpiece

BAD DACK (2 parts) in which Dack eats his best friend

BABY RESCUE AGAIN in which Derek dresses up as the farmer

FRIENDS FOREVER in which Fuzz eats a lot of omelette

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN (3 parts) in which Derek lures everyone to his childhood home


In this collection of stories, readers will be introduced to some new characters, the team rescues a baby pig (again), the group has an adventure when they visit the moon, and the friends work to overcome jealousy and solve a few minor disagreements.

The characters in the book are adorable; however, the stories are not all happy times and smiles. I liked this because it realistically portrayed friendships; friends sometimes disagree with each other, and it was nice to see how the characters managed to set aside their differences temporarily to face a foe that threatened the whole group and Dawnia City.

Each story in the book seemed like separate chapters of a longer story. The vocabulary in the stories is suitable for children who have graduated to longer chapter books, yet the absence of illustrations in the book may be a deterrent for young readers. Perhaps this collection of stories is suitable for children who are old enough to read it but are still young enough to want their parents to read to them at bedtime.

The moral of the stories as a collection demonstrates that good friends work together to overcome challenges. Some of those challenges come from within in the form of disagreements and jealousy, and some challenges are external and threaten the group as a whole.

Creatures of Dawnia: A Collection of Adventures features fun and imaginative characters who face challenges that children can relate to. It's definitely worth adding to the family library for children who enjoy reading chapter books, or children who adventurous bedtime stories.

About Sam Savelli

Sam Savelli, author. Profile image from @dawniacity on Twitter
Sam Savelli, author. Courtesy of @dawniacity on Twitter.
Sam Savelli is a children's writer, and creator of the internet series 'Creatures of Dawnia' for children.

He first came up with ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ at the age of 12 years old, after drawing a set of animal characters from a drawing book. After putting all the characters together in a story called ‘Baby Rescue’, he went on to develop the characters and create ideas for more stories in the series. Over the next seven years, Sam wrote and created a great number of ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ stories.

In 2016 he wrote his one hundredth ‘Creatures of Dawnia’ story and finally decided that it was about time that he did something with these stories. Having written so much, for no one other than himself and his younger sisters, he wanted to publish the stories to a larger audience. So, he set up the website and began publishing the stories online and releasing them as ebooks.

Aside from ‘Creatures of Dawnia’, Sam continues to work on a number of other writing projects. He aspired to become a writer from a young age, and plans to devote more time to his writing after completing his degree at the University of Warwick.
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