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I Want To Be A Millionaire: The Treasures of Time & Space (Part I) by Raja Saraswathii

I Want to be a Millionaire, Raja Saraswathii, Nonfiction, business, motivational, book review

Source: At the author's request, I downloaded this book for free from Amazon with no obligation to leave a review.
Genre: Nonfiction, Business, Motivational
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: October 9, 2016

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What is inside? Millionaire Secrets in the book

Clue of Millionaire Secret 1: It was the duty of one of the genius employee to run the report that week. It was his turn. He worked on that report for couple of weeks. Though he was genius, he did not think anything special on the report. One lucky day, his shift was changed. The shift was from morning 5 AM

Clue of Millionaire Secret 2: In dreams, everyone would have experienced this. We feel as if spending long hours, but it would not have crossed a very few minutes. We experience a long journey, a long cinema, a big festival within very few minutes in our dreams. It is because of the state of mind, we suppress the time

Clue of Millionaire Secret 3: Let me introduce you to an Entrepreneur. The person about whom I am going to talk now is one of the richest persons in the Transport Industry

Clue of Millionaire Secret 4: We have to direct our mind's antenna inwards sometimes. The information it has cannot be compared with any external sources. It has prosperity, it has riches, it has success and it has everything

Clue of Millionaire Secret 5: "Well, I respect and I am even passionate of your acting strength. I know that you have your own uniqueness, which you believe as your strength. I don't want to alter that, because it is your strength. Let me make few changes to the feathers not to the backbone. Please change your hairstyle and body language, let your acting style be the same. If you are willing, please sign my new movie"

Clue of Millionaire Secret 6: When I was in early twenties, I wanted to build a website, to increase my passive income. I wanted to prove myself, as soon as I finished my graduation. The concept was great, it was a spark. That spark roamed everywhere but it did not become a flame. Reason is simple, it went to wrong persons

Clue of Millionaire Secret 7: "Raj, I have been noticing your activities. I am also happy because, A-Level employees are also visiting our team. Why don't you take an initiative to start up an activity of knowledge share? Let our team members also share what they know. We will make a knowledge bank portal to broadcast our talents"

Clue of Millionaire Secret 8: Firstly, she listed out what all she knew apart from her academics. That list was based on A Survey of What I possess and what I know'. Based on that survey, she daringly ventured to start a business. The business required no potential revenue, so she did not have to convince anybody in her family. She started an association

Clue of Millionaire Secret 9: While doing the business, I not only do the business, but I also help

Clue of Millionaire Secret 10: Hardy said when asked about the methods Ramanujan employed to arrive to his solutions "They were arrived at by a process of mingled argument, intuition and induction of which he was entirely unable to give any coherent account. He also stated he had never met his equal and can compare him with only Euler or Jacobi

Clue of Millionaire Secret 11: "Sir, this report has not served its purpose. It has number of orders, types of materials requested, region from where the order is coming in, etc. But, where is the revenue indicator? I think if we could show the revenue in the report, it could greatly benefit the decision makers"


Saraswathii has provided his readers with proven strategies for success. These strategies encourage honoring one's mind, body, and spirit while offering practical business advice.

The first thing I noticed when I started to read this book is that Saraswathii's tone conveys a sincere desire to help. This is unique in a genre littered with experts who are trying to convince readers to buy their products or services.

I was further impressed with the author's ability to provide business savvy advice while encouraging readers to "tune in" to their minds, bodies, and spirits. It is rare that a motivational and business expert demonstrates how maintaining the balance between these three elements can contribute to our success. I especially appreciated the advice regarding our unique "Time Zones." While most motivational experts will tell people that our productivity is closely aligned with the sun's cycle, saying that we are most productive earlier in the day, Saraswathii recognizes that each individual's "Time Zone" may vary from what is considered "the norm."

My second impression of the book was that it could use a little editing. There are some redundancies and a few errors in tenses and wording that made the book's flow a little awkward at times. The points that the author made are well-thought out and clear; with a bit more editing, these points will be more concise and even easier to comprehend.

Like many books in the genre, the chapters are short so that readers can reflect on what they have read and work to implement Saraswathii's advice. If readers are unable to read a chapter in one sitting, the author included bulleted lists to highlight crucial points at the end of every chapter. These lists also allow readers to come return to the book for reminders of what the steps in achieving success are.

There are so many motivational books out that are imbued with an in-your-face sense of urgency and enthusiasm that is reminiscent of snake-oil sellers. Saraswathii's I Want to Be a Millionaire (Part I) is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the genre as he maintains an upbeat and calm tone as he motivates and advises his readers on their paths to success. It is most certainly different from the norm and worth reading!

About Raja Saraswathii

Raja Saraswathii, author. Image courtesy of Goodreads
Raja Saraswathii, author. Image courtesy of Goodreads.
RajaSaraswathii is an accomplished speaker, writer and trainer in the field of Happiness, Contentment & Success (HCS) areas. He graduated in the field of Computer Sciences and has served many multinational organizations during his tenure career. He has been in the field of literature, right from poetry, drama & theater, from his early childhood days.

Following his instincts now RajaSaraswathii is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Management Consultant for various organisations.

He has to his credit many cases as a Management Consultant that have been solved, which were otherwise a jigsaw puzzle. He has intense knowledge in fields of Leadership, Success, Relationship, Business, Happiness and allied matters, all through a detailed research & experiments.
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