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* Book Review * Fight for the Kingdom by Victoria Schwimley

Source: I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.
Genre: Children, Adventure
Format: eBook, Print, Audiobook
Publication Date: January 11, 2017

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It’s summer vacation and all Aiden can think about is the coming camping trip, where he is going to convince his dad he’s mature enough to join the Adventure Scouts. Aiden gets plenty of opportunities to prove this when he and his brother, Trystan, follow a mysterious light behind a waterfall and step through to the other side, and into the Kingdom of Anka—where they must defend the kingdom from an angry dragon, who is intent on retrieving her stolen egg. On their quest, they encounter some interesting characters, including the beautiful Queen Aryana—the youngest ruler in history; the peddler, Jay James—who possesses a magic stone the group desperately wants; Zachary—keeper of the foxes, who can’t seem to keep track of a single fox; the two beautiful fairies, Jayden and Jacy—who help the group out of some sticky situations; the competent guide, Alyssa—without whom the group would be lost; and Fizzle girl, who will help them rise above their problems.


A camping trip with their father turns into the adventure of a lifetime when brothers Aiden and Trystan step through a waterfall and end up in the Kingdom of Anka. Upon their arrival, they meet Queen Aryana who gives them a quest; either kill the dragon who has besieged the kingdom, or find her egg and return it to her.

On their quest, the boys get help from interesting and magical characters and discover that they are not the only people from their world who were brought to the other side.

Fight for the Kingdom is a cute adventure story set in a wonderful fantasy world of fairies and other interesting, magical characters! The protagonists are absolutely adorable and the antagonists are appropriately devious and evil without being too dark. While I loved the protagonists, I found the antagonists interesting because of their backstories. If you have read some of the older fairy tales, then you know that many of the villains in those stories were victims of circumstance and experienced some sort of fall from grace. I think Schwimley balanced the older style of storytelling with some contemporary twists to keep it fresh and relevant to her target readers.

Another element that caught my eye was the pace of the story and the world building. I've noticed that some children's authors tend to make the setting too elaborate and the pace of the story suffers, or the pace of the story is awesome and the setting is too overgeneralized. The plot certainly has a grand, adventurous, and epic feel to it with enough attention to world building to ignite young imaginations while keeping the plot moving at a good pace to keep a younger audience engaged.

The chapters are laid out well, making Fight for the Kingdom a perfect bedtime story for six-year-olds while providing good breaks for eight-year-old readers to read the book on their own. Definitely worth adding to your family's library!

About Victoria Schwimley

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Victoria Schwimley, author. Image courtesy of Goodreads.
I am a reader and an author. I love entertaining people with stories that are rich with characters. When I'm not writing or reading, you can find me sewing. I love to visit the ocean or the forest and would prefer to camp out in a cabin over a hotel room. I highly value my readers, and I very much a family person.

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