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8 Orbs by Dana Summers

8 Orbs, book review, Dana Summers, Fiction, Supernatural, Paranormal
An inherited Parks family curse from a triple murder will drive Jason over the edge of sanity where a strange twist of fate opens his mind to the spirit realm; he speaks to the dead. Jason’s chaotic life leads him to fall in love with one woman’s flesh, and another woman’s spirit. The spirit's love will prove fatal, but death will not extinguish his soul as it waits in the void for his son to rescue him from a final death. Will River lead the family out of the void and into the light or will the Parks family be forever lost? The end is just the beginning when the line between heaven and hell is crossed...
Source: I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.
Genre: Fiction, Supernatural/Paranormal
Format: eBook
Publication Date: July 30, 2017


During the Great Depression, the patriarchs of the Parks family murdered three people and buried them in the wine cellar. There is a darkness surrounding the family that feeds off of the grief, anguish, and rage of the Parks' family members.

Years later, Jason Parks is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and is treated using electroconvulsive therapy, which allows him to see and speak to spirits. He becomes enraptured with one of the spirits, causing him to disconnect from reality and his son, River and this love leads to Jason's untimely death. It then falls on River's shoulders to save the Parks family from eternal darkness. Will River succeed where his father failed, or is the Parks family doomed to be cursed forever?

Spanning generations, this book plunges readers into the action immediately as the events that lead to the horrific murders are disclosed. Whether the murders happened because of rage, greed, survival, or for family honor; a voracious darkness enveloped the family and waited to be fed. Readers follow the story line to modern times as each generation is touched by the darkness.

The character- and world-building in this book are impressive and I found myself immersed in the book from the first page. The narrative is engaging and reminds me of historical fiction with a suspenseful twist. The plot is hard to classify as it isn't what you'd find in a typical horror or suspense novel; however, it is gripping and compelling. I really wanted to learn more about this darkness surrounding the family and it was explained in tantalizing bits and pieces throughout the book.

8 Orbs by Dana Summers is a masterfully written and compelling work of fiction that is not your run-of-the-mill suspense or horror. I hope that Summers plans on writing a sequel to this novel because I will definitely read it!

About Dana Summers

Dana Lee Summers was born in Emporia Kansas in 1978. As a foster child, she joined the military at 17. She was honorably retired and went on to be a successful business owner, photographer and stained glass artesian. Her hobbies are interpreting ASL for the deaf/mute community and organizing charity drives for homeless persons as well as for animals in need. Dana has hopes to master Reiki healing.

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8 Orbs, Dana Summers, book review