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* Release Day & Review * Ramp Rat by CC Standish

Ramp Rat, CC Standish, On My Kindle Book Reviews

A little over a year-and-a-half ago, CC Standish introduced us to Conrad Jacoby, a snarky and hot-headed protagonist, in The Customer is Always Wrong.

Today, CC Standish is continuing Conrad's journey in Ramp Rat. Since I enjoyed The Customer is Always Wrong, I am very excited to share Standish's new release with you today!

Source: I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.
Genre: Fiction, Humor, Coming of Age
Format: eBook
Publication Date: August 4, 2017

Back Cover

Gen X malcontent Conrad Jacoby is rapidly approaching the big 2-0. Although the rebellious scamp has skated by on minimum wage jobs throughout his teens, Conrad is now in search of a more meaningful pathway into his 20s to supplement the stagnant doldrums of mid ‘90s Minnesota. After landing a baggage-handling job at the airport, Conrad hits the ground running as the challenge of learning a new craft mirrors the struggles in his personal life. As he navigates difficult relationships with both his parents and long-time girlfriend—Minnie, Conrad uses his new trade to rise above the everyday frustrations and push forward into adulthood in this rollicking New Adult comedy.


At the end of The Customer is Always Wrong, we followed Conrad as he hopped between different customer service jobs. In Ramp Rat, readers will follow Conrad as he navigates the runway as a baggage handler for a local airline and struggles to maintain a relationship with his college-bound girlfriend, Minnie. Conrad encounters some turbulence in his life as he tries to hold down a job he enjoys so that he can maintain his new-found freedom from his parents' house.

This book was so awesome that instead of waiting to share my thoughts in the review, I had to email CC Standish shortly after reading to tell him what I thought of the book!

It seems the young, hot-headed protagonist whose adventures we followed in The Customer is Always Wrong has matured a bit. He has settled into a new job, a new apartment, and is trying to make his long-distance relationship with Minnie work. However, in spite of his best-laid plans and intentions, Conrad finds himself dealing with problems ranging from unemployment, rent hikes, break-ups, and trying to mend fences with his parents.

The relationships and dialogue between the characters are outstanding! They are incredibly realistic, and there were times when I felt like the author was using quotes from my life during my early 20's. The narrative is engaging, dark, and witty as Conrad grapples with his new status as an "adult" and how he used to deal with situations as a "young adult." Having been through that stage, I could relate to Conrad's inner struggle and I also found his narrative entertaining and hilarious because I remember reacting to some of the situations he encounters in a similar manner.

As I read, there were times when I thought "Geez, the poor guy can't catch a break!" especially near the end of the book. The last chapter of the book is a roller coaster ride of emotions; I cried, I laughed, I cried again, and then laughed some more. If the author was one of my friends, I would've punched him in the arm twice for writing that particular ending; once for torturing Conrad and once for torturing me.

Ramp Rat is bound to engage older adult and new adult readers with its snarky, witty, and dark humor. Older readers will see their younger selves as Conrad struggles with multiple frustrations in his life, and new adult readers will find a protagonist they can easily relate to. Standish does a great job of balancing dark humor with some truly hilarious light humor to create a completely unique novel that leaves me wanting to read more from him!

About CC Standish

CC Standish, The Customer is Always Wrong, Ramp Rat
CC Standish, author. Reprinted with permission.
CC Standish is an indie author based out of Seattle. As a college dropout and blue-collar worker, CC has learned a lot about the importance of a work/life balance, using his spare time to write on the side. Born into humble Minnesota beginnings in 1977, from an early age, the arts and humor were CC’s chosen path over sports or school elections. Oddly enough, ’77 also marks the year that Elvis died, Star Wars was born, and punk rock shook the world.

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