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The Starfarer (The Araloka Chronicles Book 2) by Petra Landon

Song of Sirens (The Mercrutian Chronicles Book 3) by Zara Steen

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Everything changed when The Depths attacked. Now Anya and Merrick are caught between who they want to be and what they must become. Warrior and Sealatian mermaids are on the rise, uniting for the common cause of protecting Atlantis. Yet Anya remains cautious, there's more to this story than what Forica and Baye are willing to confess. Can she trust Zale and the rest of them?
Source: I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: January 17, 2017
Series: The Mercrutian Chronicles


After The Depths attacked, the Sealatian and Warrior mermaids unite to defeat this virtually unstoppable foe. Suspecting that Anya is withholding information about her abilities, the Sealatians demand that she join them. Unable to shirk from the summons, an unwilling Anya joins the Sealatians in the hopes that she can provide her Science Mer parents and her Warrior boyfriend, Merrick, with more information about The Depths. However, during her investigation, she uncovers information about The Depths that could end the uneasy alliance between the Warriors and the Sealations.

Intriguing plot twists and realistic characters make Song of Sirens a compelling read!

As much as I enjoyed the first two books in "The Mercrutian Chronicles", I really enjoyed Song of Sirens. Anya continues to mature from the uncertain half-mermaid that she once was and is evolving into a mermaid who realizes her full potential. The relationship between Anya and Merrick blossoms even more; however, Merrick's role is secondary as the story seems more focused on her journey. The other vibrant characters add even more interest to the plot and dialogue as their personalities and abilities mature.

The setting is spectacular! The Sealatian training grounds and the ocean are vividly described and immersive. There are several questions answered from the previous books, a few surprises, and plenty of plot twists to entice readers to keep reading. Once I started reading, I didn't want to put Song of Sirens down! It is a fantastic continuation of the series that left me wondering what adventures Anya would encounter next.

About Zara Steen

The Mercrutian Chronicles, Zara Steen, book review, On My Kindle
Courtesy of Goodreads
Zara Steen has a penchant for writing multicultural Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. She lives in Atlantic Canada, with her partner, where her adventurous spirit allows her to roam for inspiration.

Her aim is to create meaningful stories with captivating characters in magical places. She hopes to inspire readers with a sense of joy, excitement, love, and wonder.

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