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* Blog Tour & Review *The Infinity Gene (Girl on Fire #2) by Sue Wyshynski

The Infinity Gene by Sue Wyshynski, Girl on Fire, book review, On My Kindle Book Reviews
My name is Aeris Thorne. I am a genetically modified human.

Discover the exciting, long-awaited sequel to The Butterfly Code, the sci-fi romance thriller that's captivating readers around the world.My name is Aeris Thorne. I am a genetically modified human.

Discover the exciting, long-awaited sequel to The Butterfly Code, the sci-fi romance thriller that's captivating readers around the world.

Hurtful secrets. Terrifying warnings. Forbidden love.

All I wanted was to spend a last few weeks with the man I love before tearing myself away to lick my wounds.

I know Hunter and I can never be together--too many differences lie between us. He's a member of an elite group of superhumans. And what am I? His mistake.

But we will have no tender respite. No final few magical days. Not us. Not now that I've learned a death sentence hangs over my head. Powerful forces are descending upon the cozy little town of Deep Cove, Maine. Beneath the cover of whispering trees, along the shores of wave-tumbled beaches, people are vying for power.

And I have become the center of the war.

For Hunter's sake, I'm desperate to run away. Far away. To hide so that no one can find me. For if I stay, I'll destroy us both.

But there's a child involved now. A seven-year-old girl who's been pulled into my deadly vortex.

There can be no running. No hiding. Not with the child's life at stake, too.

Startling changes are beginning to take hold of me--I can feel them burning through my veins. My only ally is the man I love, the one I can never be with. I'm desperate to hide the truth from him. He can't know what I'm becoming. For if I put my faith in him, if we stand together, we'll both be dead.

Romantic. Dangerous. Action-packed. Discover the exciting sequel to the sci-fi romance thriller that's captivating readers around the world. For fans of The Pretties, Twilight, and The Mortal Instruments. If you love exciting romances, nail-biting action, urban fantasy, fated mates, young adult dark romance, and some devilish bad boys, then the world of THE GIRL ON FIRE SERIES awaits you!
Source: I received a free copy from Xpresso Book Tours
Genre: New Adult, Science Fiction, Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Publication date: August 31, 2017
Series: Girl on Fire


After the events that take place in the first book of Girl on Fire, Aeris Thorne and the people she cares about are in danger. Hunter and the other genetically modified humans made a pact to keep the research a secret and not modify any other humans; a pact that Hunter broke when he brought Aeris back from death. Hunter is confident that he can avoid punishment if he is able to reverse the genetic modifications that give Aeris her abilities and immortality; however, the key to reversing what has been done died with Aeris' mother.

If that wasn't enough, another researcher wants the secret to immortality and is willing to use his ill daughter as a pawn to get it.

Aeris finds herself in a bad position, she must find the research that her mother completed before she died to save Hunter. However, doing so will ensure that she is reverted back to her mortal self; which could possibly change her growing relationship with Hunter.

The Infinity Gene is what I expected of The Butterfly Code! The plot moves quickly, it is action-packed, and we finally learn more about Aeris' mother.

While the book can be classified as science fiction based on its premise, it reads more like an urban fantasy because it lacks the social commentary that science fiction is known for and there is very little discussion regarding the research. Having said this, Aeris is a very engaging protagonist who isn't dramatically and overwhelmingly obsessed with Hunter. I also liked that we found out more about the other characters; why some of them seem resentful towards Aeris and why a few of them act intensely loyal towards her.

The plot moves forward at a pretty good clip with plenty of the super-human powers being demonstrated by the genetically modified humans. There are a couple of really good fight scenes and the plot is imbued with a sense of urgency as the other genetically modified humans from overseas meet to determine Hunter's and Aeris' fates. The characters are still being developed and the setting is magnificent. The lulls that plagued the first book are virtually non-existent in this second installment of the series as Wyshynski does a better job of using these details to move the plot forward.

Hard-core science fiction fans who don't like urban fantasy should steer clear because there is a noticeable lack of the elements that will draw you into the story. However, if you are an urban fantasy fan and found yourself a bit frustrated by all of the unanswered questions left in The Butterfly Code, you'll be pleased to know that The Infinity Gene answers a few of them. 

About Sue Wyshynski

Sue Wyshynski, author of Girl on Fire series
Sue Wyshynski is a small town Canadian girl who moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. Sue grew up in the same place as musician Justin Bieber. Her last name is pronounced wish-in-ski.

Sue’s style has been described as immersive, emotional, and action-packed.

According to Sue, “Writers must do more than write; they must try to speak to the hearts of the world.”

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