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Marvelous Mondays with Lexi

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In spite of her gimp knee, you can tell that Lexi is in full-on "princess mode!" Due to the cold temperatures, Lexi has figured out what the bathroom is for and has decided to make use of it when she decides it's too cold to go outside to go potty. 

The problem is, she sometimes decides that the linoleum is too cold for her little toes and widdles on the carpet right in front of the bathroom door. I saw her do this yesterday evening and tried to stop her, only to get a look that said, "Excuse me! Can I please have some privacy?" and proceeded to keep her leg extended in the air as she finished widdling. It wouldn't be so frustrating if she didn't look right at me as she continued to widdle.

I'm currently investigating dog litter-box options that might work for her so that her little toes don't freeze on the linoleum. Mike teasingly threatens to just hang her off the balcony so she can do her business outside, without freezing her little toes. While the thought crossed my mind as she looked right at me while continuing to pee, I figured the litter box option was the lesser of the evils.

Since the Christmas rush is over with and the weather is becoming increasingly miserable, business is slow at the shoe store. I might be able to work tomorrow, which will make the total number of days I've worked for the week equal one. This does not help with saving up for Lexi's teeth or knee. I'm really hoping that business picks up because, if it doesn't, I'm going to have to begin searching for employment elsewhere and it's stressful trying to find an employer who will work with my schedule. If you've been following the blog, then you have an idea of what I had to go through before I found my current job.

Currently Reading

Bad news and negative brooding aside, it's been pretty easy to keep up on my reading and playing Diablo III, the game I bought myself for Christmas. 

Vampires Don't Drink Blue Blood by Lily Luchesi on Goodreads
In 1988, Angelica Cross worked with a mortal detective to take down a werewolf pack who were feeding on children at a local school playground.
In 2008, the killings begin again, and Angelica is called in to work the case alongside her old partner's nephew, who likes Angelica as much as she likes garlic.
They need to put their animosity behind them, before more people are murdered.

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Up Next

Bedtime Stories for Grownups by Andrew Joyce on Goodreads
Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups is a jumble of genres—seven hundred pages of fiction and non-fiction … some stories included against the author’s better judgment. If he had known that one day they’d be published, he might not have been as honest when describing his past. Here is a tome of true stories about the author’s criminal and misspent youth, historical accounts of the United States when She was young, and tales of imagination encompassing every conceivable variety—all presented as though the author is sitting next to you at a bar and you’re buying the drinks as long as he keeps coming up with captivating stories to hold your interest.

Comprised of 218,000 words, you’ll have plenty to read for the foreseeable future. This is a book to have on your night table, to sample a story each night before extinguishing the lights and drifting off to a restful sleep.

Mr. Joyce sincerely hopes that you will enjoy his stories because, as he has stated, “It took a lot of living to come up with the material for some of them.”

Andrew Joyce is the recipient of the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Western for his novel, Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

His book Yellow Hair was awarded Book of the Year by Just Reviews and Best Historical Fiction of 2016 by Colleen’s Book Reviews.
Have a marvelous Monday and stay warm this week!

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