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Marvelous Monday with Lexi

Marvelous Monday, #lexithemaltese1, Lexi, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Lexi had a wonderful adventure this week that she wanted to share with you, so I'm going to hand things over to her before we talk about books!

Lexi's Wonderful Adventure

For someone who is unemployed, Mommy is a very busy person! On Thursday, she and Uncle Mike took me to see Miss Ashley (my groomer) for a haircut and a nail trim. After getting my fabulous new 'do, me and Uncle Mike went for a walk around the clinic where Mommy's psychology appointments are while waiting for Mommy to finish seeing her doctor.
Lexi, #lexithemaltese1, On My Kindle Book Reviews

On Saturday, Route 66 Rescue, the rescue agency that saved me from the awful place I lived in, hosted an adoption drive at a local pet store. Mommy decided that she and Uncle Mike would take me over there to make a few new friends and maybe help some of them find new homes. I was a bit nervous at first, so Uncle Mike carried me around until I wasn't so nervous. While I was being carried, Mommy met a Boxer who already had a daddy and that boxer was really happy to meet her. Mommy then met a long-haired Chihuahua who was wearing a tutu and a t-shirt. Personally, I don't really like small dogs and kind of snickered at her for being stupid enough to allow her mommy to put clothes on her. Mommy also met an English Mastiff who was taller than her waist while he was on all-fours! He was a really nice guy and he has problems with his CCL (it's like a human's ACL) on both his hind legs, so he didn't try to jump on her. It was kinda sad seeing him because he has to have surgery or be put down, and his surgery costs at least $7,000!

While Mommy was busy, Uncle Mike talked to one of the ladies from Route 66 Rescue. She told him that I was the only Maltese there and that I was being bred with Poodles and that my sister, Ally, may actually be my daughter. It's like I was living in a doggie soap opera! She also told him that I was so matted down, I had to be shaved with a straight razor down to the skin. Apparently, the picture Mommy saw of me was taken about a month after I was rescued.

Lexi, #lexithemaltese1, On My Kindle Book Reviews

Once I was feeling a little less anxious, Uncle Mike put me down on the floor and I met a dog who lives at the Humane Society who is waiting to be adopted. We sniffed at each other, woofed at each other a bit, and I tried to play "pounce and chase" with him. Unfortunately, the folks taking care of him had him on a really short leash and he couldn't chase me. Then we walked around the store and I relieved myself; I relieved myself before we went into the store, but I was saving some up for inside. Then, I decided to take a really stinky dump on the floor and Mommy told me that she "couldn't take me anywhere," which I didn't understand since we were already somewhere. Mommy also found a harness that looked like a vest and skirt combination with a gray vest and a pink skirt. She wanted me to try it on, but I ran away as fast as my little legs could take me!

Before we left, Mommy met this cute little puppy who was blind. She was holding me when she met the puppy, so I got a good sniff at it. I kind of liked the puppy and the puppy seemed to really like her. I could tell she wanted to take the puppy home but she also knew that she couldn't provide the care it will need. I played with my new friend from the Humane Society a bit more, met a nice cashier, and then we left. When we came home, I took a nap because my adventure wore me out!

I guess it's time for me to allow Mommy to take back over; it is her blog, I suppose. Bye-bye! 

Currently Reading

For such a small dog, Lexi has a lot of adventures! I agree with her, I think it takes more work to find a job than it takes to actually work. Also, while I'm unemployed, I have to come up with ideas to help me get away from the apartment because I have a tendency to become agoraphobic if I don't.

Having said this, I'm about halfway through Petra Landon's new book, The Rainmaker.

THE RAINMAKER on Goodreads, currently reading
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Lexi wants to know "what are you reading this week?" She also wishes all of you a marvelous Monday and a wonderful week!

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