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Raven: A Modern Gothic Thriller by Tim Pearsall

Raven: A Modern Gothic Thriller by Tim Pearsall, horror, supernatural/paranormal, book review,
Raven. Spawned by pagan magic, she's been a warrior, a mercenary, an assassin, a whore. With a dagger on her thigh she roams the world, down the centuries, looking for bloody revenge.

In modern London, Raven tangles with an ordinary young couple and their lives are brutally changed. But the huntress becomes the hunted climaxing in a violent showdown within an ancient Gothic mansion.

Flashbacks of her former life both illuminate and complicate her unnatural character.

The pace is fast, the action furious and deadly.
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review
Genre: Horror, Gothic, Paranormal/Supernatural
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: March 18, 2018
Series: Raven


Raven is a re-write of Evelina, a dark horror/thriller that I reviewed back in July 2015. Since it's been almost three years since I read Evelina and Mr. Pearsall made quite a few changes to the plot, I agreed to read Raven and share my thoughts on it. The changes Mr. Pearsall made to the plot are quite substantial, so I plan to treat Raven as a completely new book for the purpose of this review.

Tim Pearsall has woven quite an extravagant web in Raven. A web in which the characters are inexplicably bound to the tantalizingly twisted, erotic, highly intelligent, and bad-ass protagonist, Raven.

Raven is not a vampire in the traditional sense; rather than feeding on blood to sustain herself, she feeds on emotional extremes. She is ancient and mysterious, yet she has an almost child-like impetuous and impulsive nature. In one part of my mind I realize that she is a monstrosity but, at the same time, I think she's an engaging and interesting character that I found myself irresistibly drawn to.

While Raven's origins are elusive, Pearsall blends in some hints of her history at appropriate intervals in the plot. They aren't intrusive but they add to her air of mystery. The other characters in the book are developed enough to give the reader some sense of emotional investment in the characters, allowing the reader to "choose a side;" however, Raven is the star of the story. The setting, especially as perceived by Raven's daughter, Cairo, is appropriately dark and dismal. Pearsall seems to have gone to great lengths to provide readers with an extravagantly dark setting, without going overboard on the details.

I found Raven quite compelling and hard to put down. As someone who read Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" and "The Mayfair Witches," I can honestly say that I found Raven to be of the same caliber as those books. I am really anxious to see what dark and macabre adventures Tim Pearsall has concocted for Raven in the next book.

About Tim Pearsall

Tim Pearsall, Raven, On My Kindle Book Reviews
Tim Pearsall, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
Timothy Pearsall was born in England and grew up in the industrial West Midlands known as 'the black country'. As a young man he moved to London where he began to write fiction as a hobby. The hobby was largely shelved for several years when he married and had children. He now lives in Norwich, England, and works in local government. Now that his children are grown up and he is widowed, he is able to spend more time writing, he has updated and renamed his Domina Mortis/Evelina books and released Raven as the first in a dark paranormal series.

He describes Raven as a "dirty and Stabby" supernatural soap heroine.

He describes himself from the Desiderata poem as an off-the-peg person 'going placidly amid the noise and haste'.

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