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Dethroned (Circuit Fae Book 2.5) by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

DETHRONED by  Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Book Review by On My Kindle Book Reviews
For eighteen-year-old Rouen Rivoche, being a fairy princess isn’t about fancy parties and happily ever afters.
Rouen’s people are the dark Fae whose powers of lightning, thundersnow, and all things Winter make them cold, severe, and 100% intolerant of rebellion.

Too bad being a rebel is in Rouen’s blood.

Against tradition, she’s teamed up with Syl Skye, the sleeper-princess of the fair Fae—a mortal enemy who Rouen should want to kill but only wants to kiss. Plus, to be with Syl, Rouen’s masquerading as a glam goth-rock star and human high school student. Honestly, Rouen doesn’t think things could get any more complicated.

Then, she discovers she must become Queen of the Winter Court or all her people will die. No pressure.

Now, dark forces are amassing in the Winter Court, turning Rouen’s people against her and blocking her path to the throne. Even Syl with all her powers of white flame and Summer can’t stop this new kind of evil.

Because betrayal cuts close when it’s someone you love… and now it looks like Rouen’s going to be dethroned before she ever becomes queen.
Source: I received a free copy of this book from Monster House Books, LLC and NetGalley and opted to post a review.
Genre: YA, Fantasy, LGBTQIAPK
Format: eBook, Print
Publication Date: June 19, 2018
Series: Circuit Fae

Front cover image of DETHRONED (CIRCUIT FAE BOOK 2.5) by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge


Okay, I know my review of Ourboros (Circuit Fae Book 2) was critical. I was upset, even disappointed with the book's plot and setting. I meant every word that I wrote about it and do not regret writing the review in the slightest. I almost washed my hands of the entire series, but I just couldn't. Maybe it was curiosity and the promise of an interesting premise, maybe I'm just stubborn, or maybe it was a combination of the two. I really don't know.

What I do know is that I'm so glad I gave the series another chance because Dethroned was everything that I had hoped the second book would be and more!

In Dethroned the focus shifts from fighting the Moribund infestation and mean-girl, high school politics to the Dark Fae. Rouen's 18th birthday is approaching and she's ready for her father, the King, to make good on his promise to make her Queen. Unfortunately, her father has other plans and Rouen is forced to fight him for the crown.

While I appreciated the book's fast and action-packed pace, I truly enjoyed the glimpse of Dark Fae society and Eldredge's interpretation of the different types of Fae. Fantasy fans who have knowledge of Fae lore will recognize some elements from traditional fantasy novels; however, Eldredge has added a unique spin on these elements to create an intriguing and contemporary perspective.

The dialogue was a bit sappy at times, it is a YA novel after all, but Eldredge balanced those moments with her wit and snarky sense of humor. I was glad to see that the premise moved away from the high school drama and focused on what I feel are more substantial aspects of the plot.

Dethroned and the "Circuit Fae Series" isn't high fantasy or even epic fantasy. If you start out reading the series with this expectation, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you start reading it with the expectation that it is a fun, YA fantasy with a really cool and unique take on Fae lore, then I think you'll enjoy it.

About Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, author of DETHRONED
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, author. Photo courtesy of Goodreads.
Raised by witches and dragons in the northern wilds, GIE writes angsty urban fantasy YA romance--where girls who are mortal enemies kick butt, take names, and fall in love against all odds.

She enjoys long hikes in the woods (where better to find the fair folk?), believing in fairies (in fact, she's clapping right now), dancing with dark elves (always wear your best shoes), being a self-rescuing princess (hello, black belt!), and writing diverse books about teenage girls finding love, romance, and their own inner power.

She might be planning high tea at the Fae Court right now.

GIE is multi-published, and in her role as an editor has helped hundreds of authors make their dream of being published a reality.

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