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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Marvelous Monday with #LexiTheMaltese1 at On My Kindle Book Reviews

Hello, Lexi's the name and trouble is my game! Last week was tumultuous and I'm still adjusting to some of the changes that have been made. Mommy also had some victories last week.

Mommy's first victory was she got a job! Last Thursday, Mommy went to an interview at a local grocery store and was hired on immediately. Her first day was the next day, Friday. She worked the whole weekend and has today off for appointments, then she'll have Wednesday and Thursday off. She had to work the late morning shift on Friday and Saturday, but she's going to be working the evening shift. This means that Uncle Mike will be feeding me dinner and taking me for walks in the evenings on the days she's working.

Mommy's second victory was when she got a letter from Vocational Rehab saying that they think she is "considerably disabled" and she's on a waiting list to receive assistance from them. If she's still with the grocery store, Voc Rehab may be willing to assist her with figuring out what she needs from the store to keep working and be an advocate for her.

Mommy's also pretty smart, for a human. She had one shift of training (normally training is 2 or 3 shifts) and was put on a cash register to work on her own the next day. This doesn't mean she isn't still learning, but it does mean that she grasped the basics pretty quickly. She says she still gets a few things mixed up because the register is different than the one she worked with at the shoe store, but she's figuring it out.

Finally, Mommy set a boundary at work and stuck with it, even though it caused some conflict. One of the cashiers left early on Saturday so they wanted her to stay later. She offered to stay an hour later, but the person running the service desk was being pushy and wouldn't listen so Mommy ended up just saying, "No, I have plans." After that, Mommy started having a migraine but she took a couple of Excedrine Migraine pills, texted Uncle Mike about the whole incident while she was on break, and chatted with a nice gentleman who hangs around the store. She doesn't know if he's homeless and doesn't care; he was nice and told her as she was going back in from break, "Have a nice day, baby girl." 

Wasn't that sweet of him? She says he probably didn't know that she was dealing with a trigger, but talking to him after texting Uncle Mike really helped!

I'm so proud of Mommy because she set a boundary! She decided what she was willing to do, verbalized it, and stuck with it in the face of adversity. She also recognized the reason why a migraine started, took the medicine she needed to reduce its effects, took steps to reduce her anxiety and stress, and she was able to stay for the remainder of her shift. She also went back to work the next day. This is a HUGE victory for her and it shows me that the time she spends with her psychologists is helping.

Currently Reading

Mommy started reading this book over the weekend and wants to finish it before its release on June 30th.

AN UNEXPECTED REVELATION by Lilly Rayman on Goodreads
Join all your favourite characters once more in the second book of the Unexpected Series.

With the new treaty in place, the Remus pack can hopefully settle, undisturbed at Thunder Hollow Ranch. Working alongside her mate, Livvie, now Alpha, is unaware of an enemy lurking in the dark. This new foe hears word of the peace treaty and makes their presence known. Will the blood thirsty anger of gods destroy the tentative, and fragile new alliance? Meanwhile, everything the wolf pack has tried to keep hidden from the sleepy town of Eagle Downs falls into jeopardy. Can the secret of their existence remain intact, or is this the end of unspoken accord between wolf and human? Return to Thunder Hollow to see how fear, prejudices, and memories of the past are overcome.

Up Next 

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In case you didn't notice, Mommy trimmed my hair. I was pretty indignant about it, but I have to admit her technique has improved somewhat. She's still not as good as Miss Ashley; however, she didn't have the money to take me to see Miss Ashley and I was getting hot with all of that hair. She says she'll try to take me to see Miss Ashley next month.

Oh yeah, Mommy says to tell you that she'll be posting a review on Tuesday this week and maybe Thursday.

Try to stay cool this week because it's hot outside! Have a marvelous Monday and wagtacular week!
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