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Marvelous Monday with Lexi: July 30th!

Marvelous Monday image of Lexi sleeping on her bed, taken by Mike Johnson for On My Kindle Book Reviews.

Uncle Mike took this picture of me a few days ago. It's the bed I use when he and Mommy are working on their computers. I use it a lot on Mommy's days off because she spends a lot of time writing book reviews and visiting social media.

Before I forget, Mommy is posting a review on Wednesday, instead of Thursday, this week. One of the books she is supposed to review is being released on Wednesday and she promised she would post her review on the book's release day.

Last week was less exciting than the previous week; Mommy was off Monday - Thursday and she was supposed to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today. Uncle Mike came down sick on Friday and he is still recovering, then Mommy was sick on Saturday so she stayed home to get some rest. She was feeling better on Sunday, so she returned to work.

I'm glad that they are both recovering because keeping an eye on them when they are sick is awfully tiring! Also, when they are sick, it's difficult to wake one of them up to take me outside. Mommy's usually pretty good at waking up right away but, when she's sick, it can take a very long time to get her attention. As much as I hate to do it, I have to bark sometimes to wake her up.

Just Finished

Since Mommy had quite a bit of free time last week, she managed to finish up one book she was reading, start a new book, and she finished that one too.

Front cover image of BLOODSPELL by Lily Luchesi, just finished reading by On My Kindle Book Reviews
Bound by an ancient prophecy, freed by love. Mages have lived by a prophecy that states that once there are two mage houses left, one must kill the other to maintain a magical balance. But the prophecy is disrupted when a new mage is revealed and begins killing everyone in his path. Simon Moonspell and Tobias Bloodworth, the last two mages of the ancient houses, must put their animosity aside in order to stop this new mage and fulfill the prophecy. However, when their hatred slowly turns to love, can they remain impartial or will they be forced to battle to the death?
This book isn't the type of book that Mommy normally reads and reviews because it has a couple of graphic sex scenes. Since Lily Luchesi is one of the authors who has been with her since she started the blog, Mommy made an exception. However, Mommy stresses that this is an adult title and it should not be read by her young adult followers!

Currently Reading

Front cover image of HURRY UP, WE'RE DREAMING by Sara Crawford, currently being read by On My Kindle Book Reviews
To find her Muse, she must first find herself.

Sylvia Baker used to live for music: constantly listening to artists like M83 and Moonlight Bride, writing songs, and playing drums in a band. But now, the soundtrack of her life is silence. If she lets the music back in, she's worried she will return to her delusions about the Muses--the mystical beings who inspire artists to create art. She's worried she'll have to face the wounds of losing Vincent, her Muse, her love.

She tries to move on, immersing herself in the real world--working at the grocery store, mending her relationships with her friends and her father, and developing a new love for hiking. But in her dreams, she is forced to face the questions growing in her heart.

What if they never were delusions? What if a vicious battle between the traditional Greek Muses and modern Earthly Muses tore her from the world of the Muses? What if she never lost Vincent at all? And what if he's the one who needs to be saved?

Up Next

Front cover image of RAVEN 2 by Tim Pearsall, to be read next by On My Kindle Book Reviews   Front cover image of RIVER RISING by John A. Heldt, to be read next by On My Kindle Book Reviews

Are you reading anything good this week? Let me know in the comments! Have a marvelous Monday and a fantastic week.

With licks and wags,

Marvelous Monday image of Lexi wiping her eyes and face, taken by Charity Rowell for On My Kindle Book Reviews