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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

August 6, 2018 edition of Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle Book Reviews

Hello, it's Monday again and I have soooo much to share with you!

I gave Mommy another scare last week when I started coughing a lot more than usual. I coughed so much that I was hoarse when she came home from work on Monday. Mommy was beside herself and gave me some honey to help my throat. It helped a little but I was still coughing a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday, so Mommy contacted Grant Street Vet Hospital, the vet who was mean to her when she took me to have my knee checked and my teeth removed. Even though my cough was getting better, they said they wanted to see me on Friday.

Since Mommy had to work on Friday, she had Uncle Mike take me to the vet. The vet who saw me wasn't the same one who I had met before and she didn't read my chart before seeing me. Uncle Mike and I are glad that Mommy wasn't able to visit the vet with us because the visit devolved quickly. First, the vet implied that I wasn't being fed properly because I weigh almost 8.5 pounds. AKC standard is under 7, FCI (European) standard is 9; I am on the upper end of this range. Then, the vet said my cough was from throat irritation; however, when Uncle Mike asked if the problem could stem from my allergies, the vet was unaware that I had allergies and dismissed the notion. During one of my previous visits to the practice, the other vet noticed the discoloration of my paws, said it was allergies, and then criticized Mommy for giving me Benadryl because he said it was cheap and there are other effective allergy medications on the market. The fact that I have allergies was a big enough deal for him to say something mean to Mommy, but not a big enough deal to record on my chart.

Anyway, this other vet theorized that I had swallowed something that irritated my throat when I was licking. Since small breeds generally have throat issues (collapsing trachea), the throat irritation exacerbated the problem. I was given a shot of a very expensive antibiotic to ward off potential infection, the vet didn't bother offering Uncle Mike less expensive and equally viable antibiotic options, and gave me "Cough Tabs" for my cough. Mommy was curious about the Cough Tabs, so she found them on the internet and was surprised to see that they were a combination of an expectorant and suppressant. Since my throat irritation was not caused by a cold or bronchitis, she was pretty upset because an expectorant is contraindicated for dry coughs and can make throat issues worse. She called the vet and was told the medication is indeed called "Cough Tabs" and that it is a suppressant; which isn't true, so Mommy is very upset that the vets dispense medication when they don't even truly understand what is in them.

I have to go get my shots and annual checkup next month, so Mommy has made an appointment with a different vet to see if this new one will be a good fit. Hopefully, this one will be less critical and more willing to help Mommy take care of me.

New Design on Mindful Humanism

Mommy has created a new design for her TeePublic shop. She thinks it looks really cute on little onesies.

Image of "Love is Love" design by Mindful Humanism on an infant's onesie

Since TeePublic creates really awesome t-shirts but not much else, Mommy is working on creating a store on CafePress. She's not too keen on their commission structure, but she wants to do an A/B test to see which designs will perform well on TeePublic and CafePress to determine the designs she'll offer in her stores.

New Newsletter

For some reason, MailChimp hasn't been featuring all of the posts Mommy has written during the past week. She's tried to figure out the issue with her feed but hasn't found anything. She hasn't been too happy with the look of the newsletters lately and has decided to manually create a weekly newsletter to send to subscribers. If you want to see the end result, subscribe to her newsletter!

Post Changes

Mommy's going to get rid of the icons she uses for social media and buy links within her posts. This will help enable her followers on mobile or slower internet connections to load posts faster and avoid broken images. Mommy will also be sharing a review on Friday instead of Thursday. The book's release day is Friday and the author asked bloggers who are participating to hold off on sharing reviews on their blogs until Friday.

Currently Reading

Front cover image of RAVEN 2 by Tim Pearsall
This second installment takes our characters to a whole new dimension, the Astral plane. Raven slashes a path to Calcutta, while Cairo is all alone and at the mercy of the ghosts of Malta. Susan loses her mind to Boss Bellini, while Richard is lost in the wilderness of the dark continent. Expect much madness and murder!

Up Next

Front cover image of RIVER RISING by John A. Heldt   Front cover image of JACLYN AND THE BEANSTALK by Mary Ting

My cough is completely gone and I'm feeling so much better than I was last week! I'm feeling quite playful and am back to being a handful for my Uncle Mike when he takes care of me while Mommy is at work. Since Mommy is working four days now, I miss her but I know that she is working hard to make sure I'm taken care of.

Have a marvelous Monday and an amazing week!

Wags and licks,

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