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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Marvelous Monday with Lexi, August 13th at On My Kindle Book Reviews

So... A couple of weeks ago, Mommy got it in her head that she should submit a photo of me to a calendar contest that a local pet store has organized on Facebook. This is the photo she submitted:

B&W image of Lexi laying on the floor and licking.

With no false modesty, this picture is pretty darn epic.

You didn't hear about this until now because Mommy assumed the organizers of this contest would remind her a day or two before the first round of voting, and she was going to announce it so our followers could vote for me. Apparently, the organizers of the contest erroneously assumed that Mommy had nothing better to do with her time than to sit on Facebook and wait for an announcement from them. Long story short, she missed the first round of voting and I didn't make it to the second round.

Mommy was pretty butt-hurt when she found out and ranted about it being nothing more than a popularity contest that was rigged from the start. I wasn't butt-hurt until I found out a duck (Mommy says it's a goose... WHATEVER!) made it to the second round. Really, a duck?! I eat duck for breakfast! Can you imagine how it must feel to be told that one's breakfast is cuter than you are? How galling!

Currently Reading

Mommy's a little embarrassed about how little reading she did last week. She's been nitpicking her designs for her online t-shirt stores. I think the reason why she nitpicks her designs is that she kinda feels overwhelmed by her circumstances and she is trying to work through it. 

Front cover image of RAVEN 2 by Tim Pearsall
This second installment takes our characters to a whole new dimension, the Astral plane. Raven slashes a path to Calcutta, while Cairo is all alone and at the mercy of the ghosts of Malta. Susan loses her mind to Boss Bellini, while Richard is lost in the wilderness of the dark continent. Expect much madness and murder!

Up Next

Front cover image of RIVER RISING by John A. Heldt   Front cover image of JACLYN AND THE BEANSTALK by Mary Ting

With several deadlines coming up, Mommy is committed to doing more reading and less nitpicking over her t-shirt designs. It may be that four, eight-hour days of working are a bit too much for her; it also may be that she needs to re-evaluate her schedule and come up with a new plan of attack (so to speak). We will see what happens and let you know if her posting schedule needs to change.

Speaking of creating something... What have you created lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next week, have a marvelous Monday and a splendid week!

Licks and wags,
Another picture of Lexi for Marvelous Monday with Lexi, August 13th edition by On My Kindle Book Reviews.