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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Mommy was taking some super-cute pictures of me last night for today's post. I was licking my chops after she gave me a treat, and she managed to take a photo of me in mid-slurp.

The Memory Tree (Carson Chronicles 2) by John A. Heldt

Days after barely escaping 1889 with their lives, the Carsons, siblings from the present day, resume their search for their missing parents in 1918.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

I haven't been very cooperative with Mommy when she tries to take pictures of me lately. I suppose I just don't feel very photogenic.

I Am Great Because I BElieved It First by Brandon Richard

Lets first get this understood, you control your reality starting with your mind.

Defiance (The Aeternum Chronicles 3) by H.G. Chambers

The terrifying truth has finally been revealed—New Arcadia is a city-sized weapon, poised to destroy the entire planet. Now Oren, Clementine, Anzien, and Ryland must join forces and fight, if they hope to rescue the millions of civilians within New Arcadia, and stop the apocalyptic weapon from activating. But to do so, they must overcome not only their enemies, but also the demons within themselves.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Mommy was being so mean when she took this photo of me. She took my toy away from me so I would look up at her when she called me!

Through the Looking Glass (The Zenkoti Fables, Episode 2) by Petra Landon

Cast adrift, a stowaway …

Dragon's Code: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern (Pern: The Dragonriders of Pern) by Gigi McCaffrey

Dragon must fight dragon as one of the world's most beloved series in sci-fi histoy - Anne McCaffrey's The Dragonriders of Pern - relaunches with an all-new adventure.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

I love fall. You know why I love fall? It's not so hot outside that I can go for long walks, the fallen leaves crinkle under my feet when I walk in them, and pumpkin is in season! I love pumpkin! It's my favorite food, which is why the hair around my mouth is orange, and it is good for me.

The Coven Heir (The Coven Series, Book 2) by Lily Luchesi

The Dark never dies.

Behind the Design: Mindful Humanism is Re-Opening!

Mindful Humanism is open again with new designs to share as well as some of the old designs we re-worked!

Terrific Tuesday with Lexi!

I hope you had a marvelous Monday. Mommy decided not to let me post yesterday because she shared a review of The Talisman of Darktree Hollow by E.M. McIntyre. She said it was only fair of me to wait until today because other authors get at least one full day in the spotlight on the blog.

The Talisman of Darktree Hollow (The Red King Trilogy, Book 3) by E.M. McIntyre

Darkness. One that seeps into hidden crevices, enveloping all it finds with crushing power. Trapped for so long in a prison without shackles, she knew her resistance would soon fail. She sighed, running a hand over the ever-familiar shapes drawn on the cave wall. Shutting her eyes, she willed herself not to lose hope. Would salvation find its way to Shay? They must make haste or all will be lost. She turned toward the cave entrance and gazed down upon a valley painted in colors of the rising sun.