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Defiance (The Aeternum Chronicles 3) by H.G. Chambers

On My Kindle BR's book review of DEFIANCE by H.G. Chambers
The terrifying truth has finally been revealed—New Arcadia is a city-sized weapon, poised to destroy the entire planet. Now Oren, Clementine, Anzien, and Ryland must join forces and fight, if they hope to rescue the millions of civilians within New Arcadia, and stop the apocalyptic weapon from activating. But to do so, they must overcome not only their enemies, but also the demons within themselves.

Oren’s memories of Clementine have been burned away, leaving an empty chasm between them. Determined to melt his cold despondence, Clementine returns a precious gift he gave her long ago. Will it be enough to bring them together, or will the contradiction in his memories divide them further?

As the Ko'jin rebels prepare to march on New Arcadia, Anzien discovers that General Graves has been feeding her lies and cannot be trusted. With millions of lives in the balance, Anzien must make a choice—subvert the general’s plans and face charges of treason, or follow orders and risk trading one tyrant for another.

Ryland has finally begun to accept his role as the voice of the resistance. There's just one problem: after his encounter with the Patriarch, he's no longer sure that his mind is his own. Now, not even he can say with surety whether he will aid in the evacuation efforts, or sabotage them completely.

Humanity's final hour approaches, and it appears all may be lost. Those who would fight must now band together in defiance if they hope to beat back the darkness, and save humanity from oblivion.
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Young Adult
Pub. Date: October 16, 2018
Series: The Aeternum Chronicles

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The premise is pretty epic and leads up to a battle that will determine if the void that threatens humanity will consume the planet, or if humanity can be saved. The plot is filled with action, intrigue, and several twists and turns that kept me reading. The different characters that readers followed individually in the previous installments have all come together to fight a common enemy.

I greatly appreciated the summarization of the events leading up to this installment of "The Aeternum Chronicles." It was brief but detailed enough to refresh readers' memories. Having said this, I do have some mixed feelings about this book.

There are a lot of tangents to follow in this book as Chambers touches upon several different characters points of view. There were times when I felt that I was rushed through a character's point of view, which left me feeling like, "Whoa! What just happened here?" and other times when it felt like the forward momentum of the plot stalled a bit because it was stuck on one character's, or a group's, point of view. I also felt like some of the elements that made the characters so engaging in the previous installments were abandoned for the sake of completing the series.

On the other hand, the intrigue really provided twists that I didn't see coming and I enjoyed these greatly. One of the elements that I loved about the book was Ryland's relationship with the Patriarch. I wish more time had been spent exploring that connection and how it came to be because I found it fascinating. I was glad to learn a little more about another favorite character of mine, Anzien Tserig, and I was thrilled that Chambers gave us the opportunity to explore her point of view.

I really enjoyed this installment, even though I enjoyed Vigilance more. The series definitely has re-reading potential as I'm sure I've missed nuances during my first read-throughs of the books.

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Harold George Chambers is an award winning fantasy science fiction author. He’s also a dad, helicopter pilot, web designer, musician, and a huge board game nerd. Inspired by the great fantasy sci-fi authors of the past and present, Harold published Recreance, the first book of The Aeternum Chronicles, in 2017. The story continues with Vigilance, released early 2018. Harold makes his home in a small Canadian town on Vancouver Island with his wife and two-year-old son. To learn more about him, visit