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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Marvelous Monday with Lexi by On My Kindle Book Reviews

I haven't been very cooperative with Mommy when she tries to take pictures of me lately. I suppose I just don't feel very photogenic.

I've been guarding Mommy a lot lately because she's been out of sorts. She's been keeping her appointments with Job Development to find a job, and she also qualifies for food stamps. The case manager she spoke to when she got food stamps wants her to apply for Medicaid, and she has found out how to start the process of seeing if she qualifies for a local program that offers housing to low-income people with chronic, long-term mental illnesses. All of this involves a lot of talking to people about her condition and filling out a ton of forms. She's feeling overwhelmed by all of this, on top of coping with multiple triggers, so I do my best to help her feel safe.

Currently Reading

She's been reading a lot lately but she's struggling to write reviews. Right now, she's re-reading a book from her collection while she catches up on writing reviews for the books she's read. Re-reading some of her favorite books helps her to relax and, with everything going on, she needs to take some time to relax.

Just Finished

THE STARFARER by Petra Landon to your reading list on Goodreads
A feisty gatherer with a dangerous heritage and a mysterious starfarer from a mighty race engage in a delicate dance of love, faith, longing and survival, while the sector burns around them!

Up Next

DELUSIONAL by Michael Evans on Goodreads   Add RAVEN 3 by Tim Pearsall to your reading list on Goodreads

Mommy has an appointment with Job Development in a couple of hours and needs to start getting ready for it, so wish her luck.

Have a marvelous Monday and a great week!

Licks and wags,
Marvelous Monday with Lexi by On My Kindle Book Reviews