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Behind the Design: Mindful Humanism is Re-Opening!

Behind the Design: Mindful Humanism is Re-Opening

Mindful Humanism is open again with new designs to share as well as some of the old designs we re-worked!

After some deliberation, I decided to move the store from CafePress and TeePublic to Zazzle for several reasons, including:
  1. Our designs look better on Zazzle products.
  2. Many of our designs are typography-heavy and Zazzle allows its customers to customize the font and color of the typography.
  3. Customers can pick and choose which designs they want on specific products.
  4. The user interface is easy to navigate for designers and customers.
To get this re-opening started, Zazzle is offering 15% off sitewide and I have some new Halloween-themed designs for you!

Batty Ghosts

Batty Ghosts on Mindful Humanism

I created the "Batty Ghosts" design with the old 1970's Halloween-themed designs in mind. Orange, black, and white were the three primary Halloween colors and the designs themselves were more cute and silly than scary. Here are a few examples of what the design looks like on products:

Batty Ghosts t-shirt Batty Ghosts mugs Batty Ghosts greeting card

Bewitching Cats

Bewitching Cats design on Mindful Humanism

Because Halloween is about the only time of year that lime green and purple go together; unless you are talking about a certain purple and green dinosaur from the 1990's, but we won't go there.

In all seriousness though, the default colors for this particular design on products are purple and black; however, I've taken steps to ensure that you can customize the background to suit your preferences.

Bewitching Cats blanket by Mindful Humanism Bewitching Cats t-shirt by Mindful Humanism Bewitching Cats throw pillow by Mindful Humanism

Silly Skeletons

You know what's cool about this design? It's a design that doesn't have to be reserved for Halloween; you can keep this quirky design out year-round!

Silly Skeletons t-shirt by Mindful Humanism Silly Skeletons mug by Mindful Humanism Silly Skeletons greeting card by Mindful Humanism

I also have a white version of the Silly Skeletons design in the works for dark products, so make sure to watch the store for those.

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Make sure to follow us on Instagram or add us to your favorite feed to receive updates about Zazzle sales and new designs.

Happy Halloween from On My Kindle BR and Mindful Humanism