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The Talisman of Darktree Hollow (The Red King Trilogy, Book 3) by E.M. McIntyre

THE TALISMAN OF DARKTREE HOLLOW by E.M. McIntyre, book reviewed by On My Kindle Book Reviews
Darkness. One that seeps into hidden crevices, enveloping all it finds with crushing power. Trapped for so long in a prison without shackles, she knew her resistance would soon fail. She sighed, running a hand over the ever-familiar shapes drawn on the cave wall. Shutting her eyes, she willed herself not to lose hope. Would salvation find its way to Shay? They must make haste or all will be lost. She turned toward the cave entrance and gazed down upon a valley painted in colors of the rising sun.

A sinister evil lurks in the land of Shay, where treacherous paths draw Abby, Rory and Finlay ever closer to utmost danger.

The Talisman of Darktree Hollow. Final installment of the award-winning Red King Trilogy
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication Date: October 1, 2018
Series: The Red King Trilogy



In this final installment of "The Red King Trilogy," Rory and Abby must take the Red King to his final resting place in the Shay before the darkness that is threatening the Shay and its inhabitants overtakes it. The Talisman of Darktree Hollow follows Rory, Abby, and Finlay as they make their way to the Shay to fulfill their destinies. Adventure, suspense, action, and sacrifice await the trio on their epic journey.

There is so much awesomeness in this book that I'd love to share with you! However, I really can't share all of the amazing twists without spoiling the book for you.

The trio of Abby, Rory, and Finlay continue to evolve in this book, and we find out even more about the part each one has to play in the renewal of the Shay. Their roles are connected to how they are evolving as characters so, if you read the book and don't see the connections, read it again because you'll be sorry if you don't. This aspect of the plot kept me riveted as I tried to figure out which direction the characters would take. We're also introduced to several other interesting supporting characters who are part of the Shay and they are just as interesting as the main characters.

I enjoyed the adventure aspect of the plot because McIntyre is a great world-builder. As the trio journeyed to complete their quests, they traveled through complex landscapes filled with flora and fauna for the characters to interact with. Don't expect pages upon pages of elaborately detailed descriptions of the world that abruptly pause the story; McIntyre masterfully inserts these wonderful details as the characters interact with the world.

Death and sacrifice were discussed in the book, and I thought how McIntyre discussed them was appropriate for her younger audience. I also liked the overarching discussion about the symbiotic relationship between humans and our environment because it was an integral part of the characters and the storyline.

I am sorry to see that this is the final installment of "The Red King," but the ending was a natural part of the storyline progression. I am happy to recommend this and the rest of the series to both young adults and older readers alike. I hope that McIntyre continues to write as I am anxious to see more from her in the future.

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About E.M. McIntyre

E.M. McIntyre, author. Courtesy of Goodreads.
E M McIntyre is the author of the Red King Trilogy. Her first novel, The Phantom of Faerie Mountain won 1st place in YA Fiction for the 2016 Purple Dragonfly awards and Silver placement for YA Mystery in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite awards. E M is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Nebraska where she works as a Pediatric Cancer research lab manager. When not daydreaming of magic, mystery, and mischievous characters, E M enjoys gardening and spending time with her crazy pack of Italian greyhounds.

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