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Building Love: A Charity Anthology Supporting Ronald McDonald House, Westmead Kindle Edition

Supporting the House That Love Built. Join eight of your favourite authors in this beautiful collection of seven family-friendly romance stories. From paranormal to contemporary with a touch of regency, there is something to tempt everyone's literary taste buds.

Vlad (Veiled #2) by Stacey Rourke

History believes me to be a merciless savage. A terror upon the Earth known as The Impaler. Archaic lore whispers I am the first of the vampire lineage.

Delusional (Control Freakz Series Book 2) by Michael Evans

Memories will make you.

Sorry, No Marvelous Monday Today!

I am so sorry! We planned on writing a Marvelous Monday post today, but Mommy started a new job yesterday and we just didn't get it done.

The Starfarer (The Araloka Chronicles Book 2) by Petra Landon

A feisty gatherer with a dangerous heritage and a mysterious starfarer from a mighty race engage in a delicate dance of love, faith, longing and survival, while the sector burns around them!

Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Hello, my dah-lings! I've just been so very busy sleeping, napping, and supervising Mommy as she's working on her computer, I just really haven't the time for photo ops.

Behind the Design: Positive Affirmation Butterfly

This design is inspired by my issues with self-esteem and anxiety. See, many of us who deal with C-PTSD have these nagging inner critics that are always there to tear us down, even when we have achieved a goal or victory.

The Blood Race (The Blood Race Book 1) by K.A. Emmons

All Ion Jacobs ever wanted was to be normal. But when you’re capable of killing with your very thoughts, it’s hard to blend in with the crowd.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

Hello, it's me again! Mommy stuffed me in my winter coat yesterday afternoon so that Uncle Mike could take me outside. As you can tell, I really don't like the coat but Mommy says it helps to keep me warm. I suppose she's right.

The Island Dog Squad (Book 2: Another Crazy Mission) by Deb McEwan

Packed with action, adventure and surprises around every corner, ‘The Island Dog Squad (Another Crazy Mission)’ will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.