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The Island Dog Squad (Book 2: Another Crazy Mission) by Deb McEwan

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Packed with action, adventure and surprises around every corner, ‘The Island Dog Squad (Another Crazy Mission)’ will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
When Obie escapes from his garden, he makes a terrifying discovery that could endanger the lives of both the two and four-legged residents of the village.

Lola devises a plan to rid the village of the crazy once and for all, but will Sandy and the others be clever and brave enough to pull it off? What if the consequences are too much for their loved ones?

With change afoot in her family, will Sandy be able to concentrate on the mission? And when there’s a choice between saving themselves or others, will Sandy and her people parents have the courage to do what’s right?
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review. Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Animals
Pub. Date: August 3, 2018
Series: The Island Dog Squad

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On one of his adventures outside the garden, Obie has a run-in with one of the crazies who the Dog Squad narrowly escaped from. After bravely intervening when one of the "Crazies" tried to attack a child, Obie is traumatized and the Dog Squad swings into action and devises a plan to be rid of the crazy once and for all. That's not all of it for Sandy though; a new human is welcomed into the household and, in spite of Sandy's best efforts, refuses to allow Sandy to win her over.

Heartwarming and adventurous, I read this book in almost one sitting (unfortunately, I had to sleep)!

What's not to love about a story narrated by a lovable and laid-back dog like Sandy? If having a lovable dog narrating an adventurous story isn't enough, Sandy and the rest of the pack share their thoughts on anxiety and PTSD. The discussion isn't really deep or involved, but it does affect how they act and is taken into account during their plans to be rid of one of the "Crazies" that threatens humans and dogs in the neighborhood. I really appreciated that the subject was broached with sensitivity, and I loved how supportive the pack is of each other as they cope with their traumas in different ways.

The plot itself has a grand sense of adventure about it. The setting is detailed enough for readers to get a sense of the dogs' environment, but the focus remains primarily on the dogs and their humans. There are a few references to violence and potential abuse; however, readers who could be triggered are spared the details as these references are generalized, and McEwan moves on to a different topic pretty quickly.

Another Crazy Mission is a wonderful continuation of the previous installment, Sandy's Story, that the whole family can enjoy together as it helps to build empathy for humans and dogs.

P.S. Lexi enjoys the story and feels that the addition of a tiny-but-tough Maltese would make the plot more interesting.

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About Deb McEwan

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Deb McEwan, author.
Following a career of over thirty years in the British Army, Deb and her husband moved to Cyprus to become weather refugees.

She’s written children's books about Jason the penguin and Barry the reindeer and adult books about aliens, the afterlife, soldiers, and netball players. The first book in the latest series 'Unlikely Soldiers' is set in nineteen seventies Britain. The second covers the early eighties and includes the Falklands War, service in Northern Ireland and (the former) West Germany. 'Friends and Revenge' is the third in the series, and takes a sinister turn of events.

'Court Out (A Netball Girls' Drama)' is Deb's latest book. Using netball as an escape from her miserable home life, Marsha Lawson is desperate to keep the past buried and to forge a brighter future. But she’s not the only one with secrets. When two players want revenge, a Tsunami of emotions is released at a tournament leaving destruction in its wake. As the wave starts spreading throughout the team, can Marsha and the others escape its deadly grasp, or will their emotional baggage pull them under, with devastating consequences for their families and team-mates? 'Court Out' will be published in August 2017.

Deb spends her time writing, avoiding housework and playing tour guide. She occasionally blogs about her books and (tongue in cheek) from Donut the dog's point of view. She also tries - and mostly fails - to keep the pounds off.