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Building Love: A Charity Anthology Supporting Ronald McDonald House, Westmead Kindle Edition

Supporting the House That Love Built. Join eight of your favourite authors in this beautiful collection of seven family-friendly romance stories. From paranormal to contemporary with a touch of regency, there is something to tempt everyone's literary taste buds.
All net profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to (RMH) Ronald McDonald House, Westmead, where a new house, built by love, was opened in Feb 2018.

All work by authors, editors and artists have been donated to show appreciation of the wonderful work done by Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Disclaimer: This anthology is not being conducted on behalf of RMH, nor does RMH endorse this anthology or effort. They have, however, graciously agreed to accept the funds.
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review
Genre: Romance, Anthology
Pub. Date: December 1, 2018



Building Love is a wonderful anthology of romance shorts. Since I enjoy books with paranormal/supernatural premises, I was thrilled to see that several of the stories were paranormal romances. Each story in this collection was unique and readers who are unfamiliar with a few of the authors will become acquainted with the authors' distinctive writing style and voice.

I enjoyed all of the stories but there were a few that I was particularly fond of:

An Unexpected Undercurrent by Lilly Rayman

A more in-depth perspective of how Max, a younger wolf in the Thunder Hollow pack, meets his mate, Kendra. Since I've read Lilly's "Unexpected Trilogy" and a few of its companion novels, it's no surprise that I'd been drawn to this gem.

More Than You See by Tania & Ricky Cooper

A fall from a tree leaves young Rufus paralyzed and feeling hopeless about his future. Feeling isolated from the world around him, Rufus' downward spiral into depression takes an unexpected turn for the better when his dog, "Custard," visits him in his dreams and convinces Rufus to begin living again. 

If you follow the blog, it's pretty obvious why I loved this story so much. Lexi, my 10-year-old Maltese, is an invaluable member of my family and an integral part of my emotional support network. There are times when Lexi visits my dreams; she often flies in and helps me overcome the past demons who torment me when I sleep. I adore stories that emphasize the important role our pets play in our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Healing Hearts by Mackenzie Raye

Physical scars from a previous relationship keep Devlin from wanting to come down from her isolated mountain home very often. When returning from one of her rare trips into town, she hears a call for help and finds a boy in danger. After rescuing him, she takes him home; only to find the boy's dad on her doorstep soon thereafter. Can three people with secrets of their own trust each other enough to let love in?

A nice blend of paranormal and romance, I thought this story was a nice break from reality. I enjoyed the premise and the engaging characters. I was sad when the story ended because I wanted to know more about the boy and his father; however, I knew that there would be at least one or two plot elements that weren't fully explained because it was a short story.

I would have finished Building Love earlier; however, I started on this book while I was working and didn't have the time to read it in one sitting. I'm thrilled to recommend this book to romance fans looking for light, fun, and romantic reads.

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About The Authors of Building Love

JF Holland

I still live in the small town, in Manchester, UK, where I was born, raised and attended school. Now a wife and mother, I live with my husband and 6 children. We also have a small menagerie of animals including 2 bullies (who are also my shadows).

I've always loved the underdog, the fighter... But let's face it, we all want to believe in a happily ever after. As a huge fan of books (book nerd is the endearing term, my children use), as I have an immense romance collection (Jill Shalvis, Hannah Howell etc) which also includes paranormal romance (Lynsay Sands, Christine Feehan, JR Ward etc). If I'm not writing, I've got my head stuck in a good book. You can't beat reading, watching the plot and characters come to life in your imagination and I find it so much more satisfying than television.

When I was younger, I tended to re-write books and fairy-tales where I wasn't completely happy with the ending. It confused the hell out of my children once they learned to read as none of the books matched the stories I'd read them growing up.

I had a varied career including Admin, Customer Service, and Teaching unemployed adults IT and customer service skills until I became ill a few years ago. Now at home full-time, classed as disabled (neuro fog can make life, and writing fun sometimes). So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was about time I began to do something I love with my life and began to write my own stories. It keeps my mind active and is fun
Goodreads Instagram Twitter  Amazon

Lilly Rayman

Lilly Rayman, author. Photo courtesy of Amazon
Lilly Rayman, author. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
First and foremost I am a wife and mother. I was born in England where I had a dream at the age of 14. That dream was to chase cattle on horseback across the Australian Outback. In , I had the opportunity to follow that dream, and found myself travelling to Australia on an Outback working holiday; and I've chased cattle; on horse back; across the Outback. I met my soul mate, whilst on my working holiday, married him, and we have two beautiful daughters, and I'm still loving life in Australia.

I love to read, much to my husbands dismay sometimes when I have my head metaphorically buried in the pages of a book (I mean, how can that be literal since the dawn of e-books?)!

I love fantasy, I used to take myself away from my shitty world of bullies and appear in some wonderful land of dragons and magic! Pern was my all time favourite hide out world, God bless Anne and Todd MacCaffery.

When in immersed in my fantasy worlds, I used to re-write the plots in my head, starring myself as some great, sword drawn character who wouldn't give two hoots what the local bully thought! That eventuated in my actually writing down my own stories. I've even been brave and posted my Dragon Queen stories which are the product of my childhood.

I hope you can find enjoyment in my hide away from reality!
Website Goodreads Facebook Twitter

Rosie Chapel

Rosie Chapel writes romance and historical fiction. Born in the North East of England, she emigrated to Australia 20 years ago and now lives in Perth with her husband and 3 furkids.

Bella Emy

Internationally bestselling, award-winning author, Bella Emy, can typically be found typing away at a desk or cuddled up in a corner reading. Reading and writing are by far her favorite things to do. A nice cup of coffee is always her choice of beverage while writing.

A New Jersey native, Bella Emy enjoys spending her summers down the shore with her family. Of course, her laptop and iPad are always at her side!

As a child, you could always find her enjoying her days cuddled up to an R. L Stine book. The "Goosebumps" series was her favorite, and later on, the "Fear Street" series replaced it. She would also enjoy the "Babysitters Club" books.

Not long after discovering her passion for reading, Bella began writing novellas realizing that being an author would one day be a dream come true for her. Writing started something special within her that she just could no longer stay away from.

Some of her favorites authors these days include: Nicholas Sparks, Kristin Hannah, and Lili St. Germain. Bella Emy also loves discovering new authors.

One thing that she always says is that if she's not writing, she's reading, and if she's not reading, she's writing!

Amy Allen

Amy Allen, author. Courtesy of Amazon
Amy Allen, author. Courtesy of Amazon.
I was born and raised (except my first year and a half that was in Alabama) in California. I moved to Reno, Nevada in January of 2007.

Besides writing, I am a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who does Pediatric (Kids) home care. I have been an LPN for 28 years, and I have been doing home care (mostly pediatric) since 2004. I have been with the Home Care Company I am currently with since January 2007.

I have been writing for years, but they were either not publishable fan fictions or completely original stories that I didn't think about looking at publishing until recently. I have 3 that are in their own series as part of the Lei Crime Kindle World Series. The Girl and the Fireman series: New Beginnings: Book 1; Holiday Surprises: Book 2; and Masquerade Gone Awry: Book 3 (Due out May 12th). I also have two full-length novels. They are in the ‘Vampire and the Wolf Series’: Surprises: Book 0 – prequel – John and Brand’s story, and Second Chances: Book 1. Second Chances and Surprises are also out in paperback. I will also be part of the 25 Days of Christmas anthology, with all royalties going to charity, which is scheduled to be released December 1st, 2017.

I also plan on completing the original stories I have already started to be able to have them published as well as write new stories for publishing.

I enjoy writing, reading, spending time with my three cats (yes, I have a Cat Lady Starter Kit - LOL), and playing an online vampire game where I write role plays for my character. I enjoy going to Virginia City, NV or Lake Tahoe, and every year to a Magnificent Seven/Old West Convention that also has a one-day Film Festival.

Tania Cooper

Tania Cooper, who lives in Australia with her husband and three kids, has been searching for an outlet for her wild imagination for a lifetime and is now thankful that her book reading addiction has led her to finally put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard, to create her own stories she can share with other avid readers.

Ricky Cooper

Ricky Cooper, is a writer with a love affair of the written word.

He is an avid shooter and outdoors man and loves art and sculpture.

He can often be found "when not Writing" spending his time designing and sculpting his own figures and models or designing equipment and characters for his books, a fervent supporter of LGBT rights and Equal rights for all. He spent most of his young adult life alongside his family working for a UK based HIV and Aids charity, where he spent time aiding people suffering from the often deadly afflictions brought on by the disease.

He lives with his family in West Wales in the UK.

Mackenzie Raye

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Mackenzie Raye has always had a love for words. In her eighth grade year she was called into the office over a piece written in her daily English class journal because the teacher feared her fictional story to be real. Since that moment, she dreamed of becoming an author. While homeschooling her teenage son, she has been doodling away and creating fictional pieces soon to be offered to the world.