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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

 Marvelous Monday with Lexi: Nov 5th with On My Kindle BR

Hello, it's me again! Mommy stuffed me in my winter coat yesterday afternoon so that Uncle Mike could take me outside. As you can tell, I really don't like the coat but Mommy says it helps to keep me warm. I suppose she's right.

Mommy's been busy this week with reading, writing, and creating a new design for her Zazzle store. I've been busy sleeping, pestering Mommy for treats occasionally, and watching television. Mommy's new design references President Trump's comments about grabbing a specific part of a woman's body. Since there's an election coming up tomorrow, Mommy thinks her design is relevant.

 Not Up For Grabs t-shirt by Mindful Humanism by On My Kindle BR   Not Up For Grabs! mug at Mindful Humanism by On My Kindle on Zazzle
"Not Up For Grabs" button on Mindful Humanism by On My Kindle BR on Zazzle   "Not Up For Grabs!" bag at Mindful Humanism by On My Kindle BR

The typography font and color can be changed, and you see a few examples of that above. 

What do you think of this design? If it's not for you, Mommy has a few other designs in her store that might work for you.

Currently Reading

Shameless promoting aside... Well, can you blame me? The more money Mommy makes, the more treats I get! 

Anyway, you're probably wondering what Mommy is reading right now.

DELUSIONAL by Michael Evans on Goodreads
Memories will make you. Natalie isn’t dead, but her past is. With Protocol 00 finally having been shut down, the free will of the country was received at the price of the memories of Natalie. After being found trespassing in Area 51 she is taken as prisoner where her mind is wiped and life meets its impending doom. However, just before she is about to be executed she is broken out of Area 51 by the White Knights, where she is thrust into a war-torn land with the expectation that she will lead the overthrow of President Ash’s regime once and for all.

Up Next

RAVEN 3 by Tim Pearsall on Goodreads   VLAD by Stacey Rourke on Goodreads    BUILDING LOVE: A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY on Goodreads

Well, I'm off to watch some more television and supervise Mommy while she does the laundry. Have a marvelous Monday and a fantastic week!

Licks and wags,

 Marvelous Monday with Lexi: November 5th Edition!