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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

 On My Kindle BR presents Marvelous Monday with Lexi: November 12th Edition!

Hello, my dah-lings! I've just been so very busy sleeping, napping, and supervising Mommy as she's working on her computer, I just really haven't the time for photo ops.

Yesterday was quite dreary but I was quite toasty in my hot pink coat with fur trim. I was determined to remain incognito but I allowed Mommy to take a few pictures of me.

Last Friday, Mommy went to interview at one of the local pet stores here in Springfield and was offered a job. She's waiting for the store's HR department to set up an appointment to complete her paperwork and take her drug test. While she has misgivings about working in retail, she is hopeful that her Job Development caseworker will advocate for her and ensure her needs are met.

Speaking of appointments, Mommy has an appointment with a caseworker from the organization that helps low-income individuals with long-term, chronic mental illnesses this afternoon. She isn't too sure what to expect but she's anxious to begin the process while she waits for the decision regarding the Medicare claim she filed earlier this month.

Mommy has also been working on some designs for her Zazzle store, Mindful Humanism, and shared the story behind one of the designs on Saturday. She hopes that people will use her design to keep their personal positive affirmations close to them. 

Currently Reading

Mommy is steadily working through her TBR list because she has quite a few reviews due this month and the next month.

 RAVEN 3 by Tim Pearsall on Goodreads
In this third volume we see the protagonists each struggling with their own demons, both real and psychological. Raven's sense of futility and despair. Richard's perceived failures. Susan's self-imposed guilt, all while poor little Cairo learns to kill.
The blurb for this book is pretty short and it doesn't even begin to tell readers everything that is happening in the plot. She's enjoying this book thus far, and she can't wait to finish it so she can share it with you.

Up Next

VLAD by Stacey Rourke on Goodreads   BUILDING LOVE: A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY on Goodreads    YOUNG EBENEZER by Rose English on Goodreads

Mommy says she has a couple more books to review by Christmas and she's really going to kick things into overdrive since she's going to be working again.

I have to dash. Mommy has an appointment that she needs to get ready for, including taking me outside to do my business before she and Uncle Mike leave.

Have a mah-velous Monday and stay warm this week!

Licks and Wags,
Marvelous Monday with Lexi, November 12th Edition by On My Kindle Book Reviews