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Behind the Design: Positive Affirmation Butterfly

Mindful Humanism by On My Kindle BR presents the Positive Affirmation Butterfly Design

This design is inspired by my issues with self-esteem and anxiety. See, many of us who deal with C-PTSD have these nagging inner critics that are always there to tear us down, even when we have achieved a goal or victory.

It sucks on so many levels to constantly deal with our inner critics; they aren't just wet blankets, they are a self-harming hurricane to be reckoned with. One of the ways to deal with the inner critics and the anxiety they cause is to use positive affirmations.

I've tried just about every free app for positive affirmations out there, especially the ones that have supposedly been created for people with C-PTSD. They are riddled with ads, take forever to load, eat up a lot of memory, and drain a phone's battery in less than 8 hours. Seriously... I think I discovered the 10th, 11th, and 12th levels of Hell when I tried using the apps in the middle of a panic attack and discovered that my recently charged phone was dead. I've also tried little messages written on sticky notes and cards, only to end up losing them. They also aren't very subtle and I felt awkward having them out when other people are around. 

Then I came across one of those motivational posters, you know the ones you see in managers' offices that include definitions of terms like "inspiration" or "productivity." They come across a bit cheesy and cheap to me and I thought to myself, "Why not come up with a pretty design and allow people to add their own personal, positive affirmations?" I slept on it a couple of nights and, in spite of my inner critics, created it. 

The point of the design and the affirmation is to keep it short and simple. It's meant to be a quick and easy way to counter the inner critics and simple enough to remember during a panic attack. Maybe your positive affirmation is recognizing when you've completed a task, which is why I included the design with the words "Nailed It!" on sticky notes; maybe your positive affirmation is a reminder that you're doing an awesome job, "Like A Boss!" These are just a couple of examples to illustrate how simple positive affirmations can be. 

I enabled image scaling, allowing you to make it smaller or larger; you can change the font and size of the text, and you can replace the positive affirmations I've used with your own. So far, I have added the design to keychains, mugs, notebooks, portfolios, postcards, greeting cards, and posters; however,  I plan on adding it to several more products since we are approaching the holiday season. 

Speaking of which, if you are a bit of a bargain hunter, you might want to join Zazzle and keep an eye out for their holiday promos. Many of the promos Zazzle runs include free shipping and sitewide discounts or discounts on select product types.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more "Behind the Design" posts in the future!

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