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Christmas Eve with Lexi!

Christmas Eve with Lexi: 2018 Edition!

Since it's Christmas Eve, I wanted this week's "Marvelous Monday" post to be special.

Rather than share what's been happening this week, I decided to write a song. It's a parody of "Jingle Bells" that I wrote especially for you.

Dashing through the snow
With one messed up knee
Mike is on the go,
tryin' to keep up with me
I really want to pee
so I can get inside
Mommy's keeping the carpet clean
and singing this song tonight

Oh, jingle bells, my poo smells
Mommy made me an egg
I can't feel my wet heels
cuz I hid my boots away

I know... I'm not going to win any Grammy's with this but, what did you expect? I am a dog.

Happy Holidays from Charity and Lexi at On My Kindle BR!

Have a happy holiday, marvelous Monday, and an amazing week!

Licks and wags,
Christmas Eve with Lexi: 2018 Edition!