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New Year's Eve 2018 with Lexi!

New Year's Eve 2018 with #LexiFuzzyBottom at On My Kindle BR

Happy New Year's Eve! Today isn't a typical Monday, so it makes sense that this week's #MarvelousMonday post is a bit different.

Mommy created a frame using the front covers of all the books she reviewed this year. They aren't in any particular order, she tried but she had a hard time squaring them up. I can't believe she reviewed 60 books, and that's not even counting the books she read for fun or the books that she's read and will share with you next year.

Mommy and I have had some ups and downs this year. I've had a few health issues pop up, and Mommy wondered how she was going to get them taken care of. She figured it out and so I'm doing much better. Mommy struggled with finding a job she can keep, but she discovered a few resources to help her with that and she's looking forward to starting a new job next year. Mommy's learned a lot about how to keep me groomed when she can't afford to take me to a groomer. I've had a few weird haircuts along the way but she's getting better at it. Mommy has also really struggled with PTSD this year; however, she has discovered opportunities to help her get the help she needs and is learning how to cope with her triggers.

Mommy has read a lot of books that she loved and discovered some new authors along the way. She's hoping that this year she can get to some of the books that have been sitting on her TBR list for quite some time. Mommy has changed a few things on the blog to make it easier to navigate and load faster. She's also going through old reviews and updating links and information as needed so they'll be ready for her #BlastFromThePast social media campaigns, which she plans on posting more consistently for. 

Speaking of social media, Mommy has figured out new ways to make her Bookstagrams even prettier and she just started an Instagram account for me. If you'd like to follow, my account is @lexifuzzybottom and she's going to start using the hashtag #LexiFuzzyBottom for our #MarvelousMonday posts and pictures of me.

There were times this year when Mommy wondered why she kept reviewing books, she wondered if what she did on the blog really mattered to anyone. She thought about quitting, she thought about it a lot when things got really hard for her, but then some of the authors she works with would reach out to her and she realized that she was making a difference. 

So, to the authors who seemed to instinctively know when Mommy needed a boost, we thank you. Without your patience for the times when Mommy needed a break and your encouragement, this blog wouldn't exist. We are both looking forward to another year of serving indie authors and discovering some really awesome books along the way.

Have a marvelous Monday and a happy New Year!

Licks and wags,

P.S. If you want to see what Mommy has been reading, check out her shelves on Goodreads!

New Year's Eve 2018 with #LexiFuzzyBottom at On My Kindle BR