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Day of Execution by Lily Luchesi

Paranormal Detectives Book 7

On My Kindle BR's review of DAY OF EXECUTION (PDS BOOK 7) by Lily Luchesi
Blood is not thicker than water.

The Undead are restless, and the Empress feels powerless to heal the rift within the vampiric empire. As tensions rise, Angelica and Danny must hold a crumbling paranormal world together. But a knocking from the portal into Hell makes for a dark distraction. What horrors will the new Lieutenant of the Underworld heap upon them?
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review. Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural/Paranormal
Pub. Date: January 1, 2019
Series: Paranormal Detectives Series

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Danny was walking through the PID offices, but it wasn’t the PID he knew. Not anymore. Corpses were strewn across the floor, all people he recognized, most of them humans. He went to touch one, an older man with white hair, to see if by chance he was still alive, but he couldn’t. It was then he knew what was happening: he was having a vision.

But how? When he turned into a vampire, he had knowingly given up his psychic powers and hadn’t had a vision for over twenty years now. Despite his uneasiness, it was like riding a bike as the vision unfolded. He simply followed it to see it to fruition, knowing that he had no control over it now.

It was vivid, much more vivid than his visions used to be, which was saying something. The smell of blood was everywhere, but there was something wrong with it. It was sour, and made him cover his nose and mouth with his jacket so he wouldn’t gag. He’d never smelled it before, but when he saw the needles on a table filled with red liquid so dark it looked black, he knew: it was dead man’s blood.

Deadlier than garlic and more lethal than holy water to a vampire, dead man’s blood could kill a vamp nearly instantly. It had to be from a corpse that was dead for at least twenty-four hours, and the older the blood, the quicker the death of the vampire. Angelica had been testing out a new weapon which fired arrows filled with dead man’s blood and holy water, to better fight against any other possible Undead defectors.

He gave the table with the needles a wide berth, walking further down the hall to the training room. He wanted to stop, to turn and run, at least to wake up. But like any good nightmare, vision of the future or not, he could only keep walking at a steady but slow pace.

He could hear screaming and crying from the other side of the training room door, and his stomach rolled when he realized it was Angelica he heard crying. It didn't sound like she was in pain, exactly. She sounded angry and desperate and … sad?

He pushed open the door with a shaking hand and saw a bloody corpse pinned to a pile of workout mats, eyes wide in horror. He had no idea who the man was: he was in his sixties with greying hair and wide, hazel eyes. He’d been killed via vampire bite.

Danny turned the corner around the pile of workout mats the corpse lay on and saw another body, this one so far into decomposition that it was unrecognizable save for the fact that it wore male clothing. Angelica sat before it, blood leaking from her eyes, nose, and mouth as she sobbed.

Before his eyes he watched as his wife, the woman he loved, began to deteriorate and decay, turning into a skeletal corpse just like the one on the floor.

He tried to call out to her, to run to her, but he was still and silent.

From behind him, a voice slithered into his ear. He usually couldn’t hear voices clearly in his visions, they sounded like they were underwater. However, this one was as clear as a bell, and damn familiar, though he couldn’t place it.

“The time for revenge is upon us, Detective. Are you ready to see your world crumble before your eyes?”
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An old enemy returns to end Angelica's and Danny's reign over the vampires. A betrayal threatens to end Angelica's and Danny's existence in the Earthly realm and the PID itself.

I fell head-over-heels in love with this book from the first page! If you've been following the series, be prepared because this installment will blow your mind.

I really don't know what to say about this installment that I haven't already said about the previous books in the series. The story is riveting from the first page, you know something is about ready to go down. If you don't know this after reading the first couple of pages, then you aren't reading the right book.

I can't get enough of the witty banter and the amazing action that I enjoyed from the previous books, and Luchesi really delivers these elements to her readers in this book. I love Danny and Angelica as Emperor and Empress of the vampires, and I love that Sean, the siren, is now an integral part of the team. If you haven't read Sean's story, Never Again, you'll miss out on the undercurrents going on between Sean and Danny as well as several references Sean makes to his past. While not understanding Sean's backstory won't leave you lost, I think you'll enjoy this book a bit more if you read his story.

There is at least one very disturbing plot development that I didn't see coming from a mile away. I was surprised about it and would like to dish about it; however, I don't want to spoil the book for you. The book ends with a doozy of a cliffhanger; if you don't enjoy cliffhangers, either sit this one out or suck it up, buttercup, because you've been warned.

If you are asking me if I think Day of Execution is the best book in the series, I'd say it's a toss-up between this and Never Again. It's definitely not a standalone novel but, with a little backstory added, it could easily be turned into a screenplay for a movie; it's just that good!

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About Lily Luchesi

Lily Luchesi, author of Day of Execution
Lily Luchesi is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Paranormal Detectives Series, published by Vamptasy Publishing. She also has short stories included in multiple bestselling anthologies, and a successful dark erotica retelling of Dracula.

She is also the editor, curator and contributing author of Vamptasy Publishing's Damsels of Distress anthology, which celebrates strong female characters in horror and paranormal fiction.
She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Ever since she was a toddler her mother noticed her tendency for being interested in all things "dark". At two she became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle. She is also an out member of the LGBT+ community. When she's not writing, she's going to rock concerts, getting tattooed, watching the CW, or reading manga. And drinking copious amounts of coffee.
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