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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

January 14th Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi: Jan 14th Edition!

Hello humans! Mommy managed to catch me in my "mile-long-stare" mode. Uncle Mike can take the credit for coining this term as neither Mommy nor I had anything to do with it.

Mommy is enjoying her new bus aide job; she likes the bus driver she works with and the ability to go to her appointments in between her morning and afternoon bus routes. I like it because she's not usually gone the whole day and we normally take a little nap when Mommy gets home from work because she is not a morning person.

Last week was Mommy's first full week on the job and the end of the week was tumultuous because Uncle Mike's car stopped working. He and his friend managed to get it up and running again, only to have it die the next day. As I'm writing this now, it looks like the issue has been resolved. I hope so because Mommy and Uncle Mike were very stressed out about it.

Mommy got her very first paycheck from working as a bus aide last Friday, so she bought me a special medicated shampoo and conditioner to help my skin. It seems to be working; however, she sprayed a bit too much conditioner on me and ended up having to sprinkle some baking soda on me to get it out. The funny thing is, my skin looked a lot better after the baking soda. She had a good laugh about it because she spent a decent amount of money for the shampoo and conditioner, only to have my skin look better after she sprinkled baking soda on me. She tried baking soda in the past and it didn't work so she's wondering if the combination of the ingredients in the conditioner plus the baking soda worked. I personally don't care, I'm soft and I'm not as itchy as I was before.

Currently Reading

Mommy tried to get some reading done this past week, really she did, but she couldn't with everything going on last week. She's still trying to establish a routine with her new job so she says not to worry, she'll figure it out soon!

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Up Next

Add APOCALYPSE FIVE by Stacey Rourke to your reading list on Goodreads!  Find REYKJAVIK by Tom Maremaa on Goodreads!

Mommy has made a few changes to the blog:
  • The color palette has been updated to a new palette she found online.
  • We now have subtitles for post titles to streamline the post title's appearance and to help SEO.
  • Mommy is going to change what time she publishes reviews on the blog to an earlier time. She's thinking 9- or 10-ish in the morning.
  • On My Kindle BR has a new logo that includes me! 
On My Kindle BR's new logo
Mommy changed the logo because it better reflects what the blog is about. I think it looks pretty cool. What do you think?

Have a marvelous Monday and a happy week!

Licks and wags,

Marvelous Monday with Lexi: January 14th Edition!