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Triggered by Michael Evans

Control Freakz Series Book 3

On My Kindle BR's review of TRIGGERED (CONTROL FREAKZ SERIES BOOK 3) by Michael Evans
Memories will break you.

Natalie thought that she would be able to fix her past, but some things are forever broken. After being rescued from the rubble, Natalie is welcomed into a new world of horrors, where she is reunited with a humanoid version of Hunter and barred by Danielle from seeing her mom. With her newfound memories, there are only more questions and pain, and Natalie is finally ready to move on to a future where she can truly be happy.

But President Ash has a plan of his own, specifically one for not only ending the civil war in America but reducing everything to dust. A new program called Maga X has been in testing for years, resulting in the deaths of thousands. When President Ash decides to release this new program upon the population of America, he won’t just be mind controlling them, he will be vaporizing them from the face of the earth. However, Natalie, Hunter, and her mom have a plan, one that involves ending the life of one man to save the lives of millions. And this time it’s not just about saving themselves, it’s about saving everything before it all turns to nothing.
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review. Genre: SciFi, YA, Dystopian
Pub. Date: September 11, 2018
Series: Control Freakz

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Natalie finds herself reunited with Danielle, President Ash's crazy ex-wife and a humanoid version of Hunter. Natalie has her memories back but they leave her with more questions than answers but Danielle has forbidden Natalie from meeting her mother, and Natalie is determined to find her mother and get the answers she needs.

Natalie and Hunter escape and manage to track down her mother; however, the reunion isn't a happy one as Natalie's mother reveals that Natalie merely thwarted President Ash's initial attempt to control the population. By preventing President Ash from controlling the minds of most of the population, Natalie has forced his hand and implement Maga X, a project that will annihilate the majority of the population. Natalie, Hunter, and her mother develop a plan to kill one man in order to save millions.

It pains me to say this, but I didn't want to finish this book. The only reason why I kept reading it is that the content did not violate my review policy guidelines.

I expected to see Natalie grow and develop as a character in this series, and I thought that this book would be a huge turning point for her. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Instead, Natalie's seemingly endless downward spiral and self-destructive narrative escalated, and it has yet to be resolved. It seemed as if the author got so caught up in Natalie's narrative and describing it in minute detail that the other elements of the plot, such as its setting and premise, were ignored. The plot's progression and discussion of the setting in this book might equal 200 pages, the remaining 1,100 pages of the book are dedicated to Natalie's overwhelmingly negative and self-hating narrative.

The premise has amazing potential when one considers the political climate here in the United States. Seriously, a president who wants to control the minds of the population so that he can hold absolute power. The potential for outstanding social commentary is there; however, all of this potential is overshadowed by the narrative of a teenager who, with no discernible abilities (supernatural or otherwise), has managed to almost single-handedly doom most of humanity.

I hate writing reviews like this one, I really do. My reviews for the first two books of the series reflected the potential that the premise and the setting held; however, after reading this book, I believe the potential is going to be unrealized as the focus will remain on an unrealistic and overly angsty protagonist.

I'm sure that this will appeal to certain audiences, but it just doesn't appeal to me. 

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Michael Evans is an author of Young Adult novels and an advocate for a better future. He is currently attending high school in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and loves to enjoy the outdoors and write in his free time. To find more about him and his work you can visit
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