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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

February 18th Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi: Feb 18th Edition!

Hello again! I am so sorry for not posting last Monday, but Mommy was sick and needed some extra looking after.

To catch you up on what's been going on... Mommy went to look at an efficiency apartment with public housing on the 4th. She says it was a super-cute apartment with a sitting area to act as a living room and an area to put a bed to act as a bedroom. She thought it was the perfect size for us! Unfortunately, a misunderstanding with her employer's main office regarding how many hours a week she actually works caused a miscalculation in her monthly rent amount. The amount the Housing Authority said she needed to pay was over 50-percent of her net income, and it was supposed to be around 30-percent of her gross income. It took a while to work out and since she didn't really know how much to save up, she missed out on the opportunity. However, she's set a date for the end of March with the Housing Authority and if they have an efficiency available, she'll be moving out.

Mommy's excited and a bit anxious about the move. She hasn't lived by herself for over 15 years and she doesn't have much by the way of furniture and household stuff because she gave away a lot of it when she moved in with Kyle (her now ex-husband). She's trying not to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff she needs to acquire quickly, and she's focusing on the positive aspects of the apartment. For instance:

Her apartment will have an apartment-size fridge and an oven. Right now, she and Uncle Mike are using a mini-fridge, an electric skillet, a small countertop oven, and a microwave.

Her apartment will have a shower-tub combo. Right now, she and Uncle Mike have a stand-up shower and no place for Mommy to prop her foot up when she shaves her legs. This will change when she moves.

Her apartment will also have central heat and air... Where she lives right now, the furnace is kinda sketchy and doesn't usually work properly so they use space heaters. During the summer, there is one window unit for the whole apartment.

The environment will be relatively flea-free. Whenever Uncle Mike goes downstairs to take care of his mom, he ends up bringing up fleas from her two dogs and four cats.

The environment will be free of pet allergens, especially cat allergens.

Public housing doesn't allow smoking inside so this will help with Mommy's efforts to cut down and quit.

There are many more positives, but those are the ones that she has told me about.

If you'd like to help Mommy out, she has a list of items on both Amazon and Walmart that she has her eye on for her new place. Since she is a bit of a bargain hunter, you'll find that both lists have similar items. She's going for red and chrome in the kitchen, different shades of blue and aqua for the bath, and navy blue and teal/aqua for her bed area. The living room is going to end up a hodge-podge of styles and textures because the furniture she's getting is second-hand.

Mommy gave me my first dose of Simparica, a less-expensive flea and tick preventative, last week. I didn't experience any side-effects and Mommy's thrilled because it's at least $20 less per month than Nexgard. It seems that my ongoing itchiness was caused by flea dermatitis, which Mommy was incredibly vexed about, but I'm recovering quite nicely from it. She also started me on a new food called "nulo freestyle" for small breeds, and it seems to help my energy level and mobility. The representative at the pet foods store suggested that she start me on the small breed food and once that bag is finished, start feeding me the senior diet.

For those of you with dogs, especially small dogs, diet makes a HUGE difference in our moods, mobility, skin health, and activity levels. I'm not saying you need to spend $20/month on dog food, but a higher quality dog food is worth spending a little extra money on.

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Mommy's Head Start called off work on Friday due to winter weather and Mommy has today off, so we've been enjoying a four-day weekend together. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I want to wish you a marvelous Monday and a super week!

Licks and wags,
Licks and wags, Lexi!
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