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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

February 25th Edition

#LexiFuzzyBottom at On My Kindle BR: Marvelous Monday, Feb 25th

Greetings humans! Whatcha doin' today? I'm showing off the new haircut that I got from my regular groomer, Miss Ashley. I love being groomed by Miss Ashley, especially since my skin is doing so much better.

Mommy received her tax return last week, so she and Uncle Mike went shopping for stuff that she'll need in her apartment when she moves. The good news is that she got a lot of the stuff she'll need, the bad news is that she spent a lot of money and it stressed her out. She still needs a coffee pot, a microwave, a tv stand, a bookcase, a trash can, a bath mat for the bathroom and kitchen, kitchen towels, potholders, and a desk chair. Mommy's being smart with her money but she's finding out that all of this stuff adds up quickly.

Mommy visited her lawyer last week to discuss her hearing with Social Security Disability next month, and her lawyer thinks that she has a good chance of being awarded benefits. After an incident at work last week triggered her, she is hoping that he is right. Mommy wants to have the option of experimenting with different jobs to find one that will work for her while being able to support the two of us.

Mommy also saw her psychiatrist last week and they decided to lower her Prazosin dosage from 2mg to 1mg to see if the dizziness from the medication would diminish. They also discussed the fact that Mommy's taking Wellbutrin to quit smoking and that this medication gives her a bit of nervous energy; it doesn't cause panic attacks, it just makes her feel twitchy sometimes.

Currently Reading & Up Next

These lists haven't changed since last week. Mommy has a lot on her mind and is having trouble concentrating while she is reading. I'll be honest with you, it may take until next month before she is able to focus on reading for more than an hour or two. She promises that she'll keep trying and says that she will keep her promises to review new releases by their release dates. However, this means that some of the books on her TBR list without due dates will have to wait on that list a bit longer.

Mommy is struggling with her emotions and it has been affecting me. I have had several accidents recently and I have slept a lot during the day because I am keeping an eye on Mommy at night. Mommy knows everything will work out, but she needs to see it for herself before her silly brain will actually believe it.

Until next time, have a marvelous Monday and a splendid week!

Licks and wags,

P.S. Before I forget, Mommy wrote a guest post about me for Deb McEwan's blog. It's the story of how she met me, and how we almost didn't meet. Deb says she will share the post on February 27th, so make sure to watch for the post on Deb's blog.

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR: Feb 25th