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Extinction Of All Children by L.J. Epps

Extinction of All Children, Book 1

On My Kindle BR's review of 'Extinction of All Children' by L.J. Epps
A young adult, fantasy novel about a teenager who is the last eighteen-year-old in her territory. There will never be another child; every baby born after her has been taken away. Everyone wonders why she survived.

Emma Whisperer was born in 2080, in the small futuristic world of Craigluy. President Esther, in charge for the last twenty-two years, has divided their world into three territories, separated by classes—the rich, the working class, and the poor—because she believes the poor should not mingle with the others. And, the poor are no longer allowed to have children, since they do not have the means to take care of them.

Any babies born, accidentally or willfully, are killed. Emma is the last eighteen-year-old in her territory; every baby born after her has died. Somehow, she survived this fate.

During the president’s Monday night speech, she announces a party will be held to honor the last child in the territory, Emma Whisperer. Emma must read a speech, expressing how happy she is to be the last eighteen-year-old.

Emma doesn’t like the rules; she doesn’t believe in them. So, she feels she must rebel against them. Her family doesn’t agree with her rebellion, since they are hiding a big secret. If this secret gets out, it will be disastrous, and deadly, for her family.

During Emma’s journey, she meets—and becomes friends with—Eric. He is one of the guards for the president. She also befriends Samuel, another guard for the president, who is summoned to watch over her. As Emma meets new people, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Yet, she finds herself falling for a guy, something which has never happened before.

After doing what she feels is right, Emma finds herself in imminent danger. In the end, she must make one gut-wrenching decision, a decision that may be disastrous for them all.

“Fans of dystopian fantasy will devour this book. L. J. Epps writes a story that, while dealing with heavy subject matter, is still a light, enjoyable read. This dystopian fantasy novel ignites the imagination, and is a must read for fans of The Hunger Games and the Divergent Trilogy.” —Kristina Gemmell, Beta Reader
Source: I received a free copy of this book on NetGalleyand opted to post a review.
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Dystopian
Pub. Date: June 3, 2016

Front cover of 'Extinction of All Children' by L.J. Epps, reviewed by On My Kindle BR.


I'm not going to write a long summary of this book because the blurb tells you everything you need to know and then some. Emma Whisperer is the last 18-year-old in Territory L, the territory that the poor citizens of Craigluy call home. Nobody, except for the ruler/dictator/elected official, President Esther, knows why she was chosen to be the last legal child born in Territory L.

The premise itself is intriguing; it seems inspired by "Hunger Games" but there are enough unique elements in it to prevent it from being a knock-off of the trilogy. My issue is the character development in this installment is pretty weak; the book is long enough for the author to begin fleshing out Emma, but all readers see is a very shallow overview of the protagonist whose journey we are following. I understand that the author was introducing the secondary characters, but the first book is where you reveal enough about the protagonist of the series to make them engaging. The word choice and the clinical, rambling descriptions prevented me from feeling emotionally attached to Emma.

What kept me reading was the dystopian world Epps created. I saw the potential for loads of political intrigue and parallels to current events, and I was curious to see where Epps was going with the world-building and the complex society. I am hopeful that Epps will continue to develop Emma as the series progresses, and I am excited to see what life is like in the other territories. 

If you enjoyed "Hunger Games" for its political intrigue, then it's likely you'll enjoy this book; however, if you enjoyed the trilogy because of its characters and the action, I think you'll be a dismayed by the first installment of this series.

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