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Deadly Dreams Box Set by Bella Roccaforte

Deadly Dreams #0-2

On My Kindle BR's review of Deadly Dreams Box Set by Bella Roccaforte
The Deadly Dreams series is the perfect blend of urban fantasy, paranormal suspense, horror and a disastrous romance.

Embark on this wild ride of twisted dark urban fantasy. Watch as a Shay transforms from someone who needs help, into a strong confident woman with more power than anyone ever imagined.
Source: I downloaded this box set when it was available for free on Amazon.
Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural
Pub. Date: May 12, 2015

Front cover image of the Deadly Dreams Box Set by Bella Roccaforte

I decided to review all three books in the box set at the same time here on the blog and Goodreads. I made this decision because I read them back-to-back and this has influenced how I would rate each book individually. However, since it has taken me so long to read these books, the box set is no longer available on Amazon, I am reviewing the books individually on that platform. I made this decision because the eBook editions for the first two books in the series, Sketches and Fine Lines, are no longer available on Amazon and their paperback editions do not have any reviews. 


The "Deadly Dreams" series follows an aspiring comic book artist, Shay Baynes, whose dreams inspire her art. At first, Shay is struggling to get her work noticed in an industry dominated by male artists. She finally receives a break when her latest comic series has been noticed by a publisher who hires her on. Shay is finally on the road to success when a series of murders take place, and Shay's art depicts the murder scenes in gruesome detail.

In the first book, Sketches, readers are introduced to Shay. This is the book that fleshes out Shay's rocky relationship with her family, her complicated romantic life, and gives us our first glimpse of Shay's magical ability. It's pretty easy to write Shay off as a whiny, potty-mouthed protagonist; however, as the book and series progress, you will find that she evolves. I didn't really feel a connection to Shay in this installment because she seems to have a "damsel in distress" complex; however, I saw glimpses of a gutsy protagonist who has the potential to kick some serious butt.

In the second book, Fine Lines, Shay's comic series, "Sanguine Specter," has become incredibly popular. Between creating the series and all of the public relations appointments she has to keep, Shay doesn't have much time to reflect on her sister's death. In this book, we begin to learn how Shay's magical power works and that her dreams are actually visions of reality. Some people notice that Shay's series accurately depicts a string of gruesome murders and some speculate that Shay is the murderer. However, there are several people who believe in her innocence and are doing everything in their power to exonerate her.

In the third book, Vanishing Point, Shay visits the Specter's realm and manages to escape. After her trip to Hell, or something similar to Hell, Shay finally decides to stop playing the damsel in distress and make some decisions about her life. Unfortunately, since she hasn't had any experience with being independent, the decisions she makes are questionable. Then again, given that she is in her early 20's (barely old enough to drink), it's no surprise that her decisions seem to be rash and impulsive. We also learn more about McNab, the paranormal investigator that we met earlier in the series. McNab is a bit of a nerd, but he has several redeeming qualities that make him an intriguing character. I'm pretty sure that he will play a pivotal role in helping Shay explore her magical abilities and end the Specter once and for all.

Overall, I liked the first three books in the series, even though I never really got to a point where I felt a real connection with Shay. It could be that her personality and characteristics are not similar to mine. However, I still thought she was an engaging character, even though she does start out whiny and needy. I think that Roccaforte spent considerable time evolving Shay's character in each installment of the series, and I'm anxious to see what becomes of Shay.

The premise is similar to some that I've read before; however, there are many unique elements to set the series apart from others similar to it. I did like the notion of a female breaking into a male-dominated career path. While it is an ideology that appears in many science fiction and fantasy novels, I felt that the setting was relevant to current events. I thought the plot moved forward at an excellent pace; not so slow that a lot of details were overlooked, but not rushed. I agreed with Roccaforte's decision to explore McNab's character more thoroughly, and I'm looking forward to learning more about how he and Carl work together to help Shay figure out her abilities to defeat the Specter.

After reading these three books, I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next three books in the "Deadly Dreams" series!"

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Bella's motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live, life won't come to you!

Bella has always seen things in the world with a different view and has been an avid story-teller. She is enjoying putting her crazy musings into print for others to enjoy.

To her, one of the most exciting parts of writing is getting a chance to interact with readers. It is truly her hope that readers will reach out and tell her what they like and even don't like about her stories. She's looking forward to a relationship with the readers to better write stories they will love.
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