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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

May 20th Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi: May 20th Edition!

Hello humans! Another marvelous Monday is upon us and Mommy's last day of work before summer break is this Tuesday.

You read that right, summer break begins for Mommy tomorrow! It's bittersweet because, even if she decides to return to work after the break, most of the kiddos who ride her bus are graduating from Head Start and starting Kindergarten next year. While she loves working with kiddos, a few policy changes and certain events stemming from those policy changes are encouraging Mommy to seriously consider taking a break from working. Once Mommy has a better idea of her monthly benefit amount, she will be able to make a more educated and rational decision.

In case you didn't notice, I saw Miss Ashley, my groomer, on Saturday. The old, blue feather I maintained for six weeks has been replaced by a new, pink feather!
#LexiFuzzyBottom snuggling with her toys
Photo of Lexi Rowell, taken by Charity Rowell
Even though you can't see the new feather in this picture, it's there. Mommy managed to catch me on Saturday night when I cuddled up with both of my toys; the toys I refuse to have anything to do with when Mommy's watching me.

Currently Reading

Mommy is super-excited about having time off for summer break because since she won't be spending so much time and energy coping with work, co-workers, and other people, she will have more time and energy to spend on reading and writing reviews. Yay!

Add 'Kingdom of War' by Tricia Copeland to Goodreads!
They’d been imaginary childhood friends until Alena found him thirteen years later. After uniting the trinity, they formed a coven of witches, eight souls shouldered with the burden of breaking an age-old curse. Someone had to lead, and from the moment he became a full witch, Hunter knew it must be him. But his power, the magic coursing through his veins, hungered for a life of its own. Can he control his demons? Will Alena, Camille, and Hunter figure out how to break the spell binding their souls or will the darkness consume them?

Up Next

Mommy is almost finished with Kingdom of War, so she'll be starting the next book on her list soon.

Add 'Suppression' by P.S. Winn to Goodreads!  Follow Lily Luchesi on Facebook!  Add 'The Etlu Games' by C.E. Allan to Goodreads!

If you've been following this blog for a long time, you might recognize C.E. Allan and The Etlu Games. The book was originally titled, The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat." The book has since been edited and re-released, and a second book has been added to the series. Even though Mommy reviewed the original edition back in 2015, she agreed to read and review both books in the series because it has been heavily re-edited and it has been almost four years since she read the first book.

Mommy wants to remind everyone that she has a TON of books on her TBR list; however, she's always happy to work with authors that she has worked with before. She also says that if you don't see your book on the "Up Next" list, you will see it there eventually.

Have a marvelous Monday and a fantastic week! I know I am looking forward to spending more time with Mommy this week.

Licks and wags,

Lexi sitting pretty with a new pink feather in her hair!