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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

May 27th Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR: May 27, 2019

Hello humans! I hope you are having a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. Even though Mommy was feeling under the weather over the weekend, we both enjoyed ourselves. 

Mommy is still working on finding broken links and fixing deleted images on the blog. She found a website that helped speed up the process of hunting down the dead links; however, fixing the deleted images is a time-consuming process. She hopes to have most of it completed by the end of June, but we will see.

Mommy recently received a review request for a romance novel called "Chocolate Marshmallow." The premise of the book focuses on the narrative of one female Nigerian refugee who is seeking asylum from Islamic violence in Germany, and the German doctor who is a member of the Nazi party. The two end up falling in love and, from what Mommy has heard, the German doctor becomes the hero because he changes his ways. 

Whenever we receive a review request, we always research the book's author and premise. We wanted to see if the author was Nigerian or at least had Nigerian ancestry because, given the premise, Mommy feels that it's inappropriate for a white woman to write a Black woman's narrative. Our research yielded a bit more than we expected, but it confirmed that our initial reaction to the request was well-founded. The reviews written by people who have read the book in its entirety confirm that the German doctor is a protagonist in the book and that the story arc tends to focus more on his redemption, rather than what it cost the Nigerian protagonist. The English translation of the title is rather disturbing, especially if you understand slang, and it's a pejorative in German. You can take a look on Twitter and see what is being said and you can see the reviews on Goodreads for yourself.

We ultimately declined the review request and the publisher seemed quite vexed about it, so Mommy personally responded to explain why we declined to review the book. Since Mommy feels that being transparent about her review policies, she wants to share her response. Rather than making this post incredibly long by inserting her response, Mommy has added it to her Google Docs.

Currently Reading

Rather than discussing what Mommy absolutely will not read, let's take a look at what she is reading.

Although fiction, this suspense thriller is based on a true story, Dan Warren is an inventor with an invention that could change the world, only one problem, the Government doesn't want it and will do what ever it takes to stop the invention that could end pollution and create cheap or free energy. including stopping Dan Warren.
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Mommy says I should warn you that she may not share reviews on the blog for a few weeks because she is really trying to build up a few reviews for the blog. What's happened is that a couple of the books Mommy's reading aren't going to be released until next month, so she can't share those reviews just yet. This means that Mommy has run out of reviews that she can share, and she can't read and write reviews fast enough to share one a week. Since Mommy has the summer off, she thinks this will change after she's had some time to recharge. It's going to take a few weeks for her to build up enough reviews to post consistently. 

As always, she'll post short "first-impression" reviews on Goodreads so you won't have to wait to see if she liked the book or not. Also, if she has promised to review a book by a specific date, she will share the review on the blog by that date. In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye out for my "Marvelous Monday" because I'll keep you updated on what's going on with Mommy.

Have a marvelous Monday and a great Memorial Day!

Licks and wags,


Marvelous Monday with Lexi: May 27th Edition!