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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

June 3rd Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR

Hello humans! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday is marvelous so far.

Just to remind you, Mommy is not sharing a review on the blog this week, but she will share one next week. Mommy is still experiencing a wee bit of writer's block when she tries to write reviews, but she's beginning to overcome it. She is still having a tough time wrapping her head around not working, and she is trying to establish some sort of routine; however, it just hasn't happened yet.

It doesn't help that the Housing Authority had pest control spray all of the rooms in her complex on the Friday before Memorial Day, and she's still seeing roaches. Mommy is very clean and she cleared out all of her cabinets so that pest control would spray in her cabinets. Either pest control didn't spray anything or one of her neighbors isn't doing what they are supposed to do and their apartment is infested. We think a neighbor is infested and the one or two a day that we see are a few that wander away to see if we will provide a steady source of food and water. When Mommy called the apartment manager, she was advised to ask maintenance for glue traps and have them respray. While we doubt it will do much good, maybe it will keep Mommy from seeing them.

In other news, Mommy's been creating a wishlist of items she wants when she receives her SSI/SSDI backpay. A lot of it is stuff for the apartment, a few books, some clothes for Mommy, some new coats for me, new bowls for me, and grooming supplies for me. She plans on taking me to the vet and getting fat tumors removed, whatever teeth need to be removed, buying a year's supply of Heartgard and Simparica, and whatever else needs to be done that the Petly plan won't cover. Finally, she's looking into getting a smart television that works with Amazon Prime, a DVD player, and a new laptop.

Currently Reading

Since the cover for Paroled From Heaven by Lily Luchesi was revealed on May 31st, I can finally share it with you!

Death is not the end. The Lieutenant of Hell is dead. The vampiric Empire has fallen, and the Paranormal Investigative Division is barely surviving. With no one controlling the demons and humanity left vulnerable, it's about to become a literal Hell on Earth. But Heaven has a plan. Angels can't step in to fight, and only humans can save humanity. With a little grace, and a lot of power, there's one way to stop the demonic onslaught and impending rise of Lucifer: a temporary parole from Heaven. Who says death is forever?

Up Next

Add 'The Etlu Games' by C.E. Allan to your Goodreads!  Add 'The Awakening' by TL Travis to your Goodreads!

Mommy is really looking forward to reading The Etlu Games because she's curious to see how it differs from the first edition C.E. Allan published. The Awakening is a departure from Mommy's normal reading material because it is considered 18+. I know Mommy tends to avoid the "18+" genre; however, the author was referred to her by an author Mommy's worked with for years and trusts. 

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR

Mommy's looking forward to sharing reviews with you next week and I will see you next Monday. Until then, have a marvelous Monday and a fabulous week!

Licks and wags,