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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

July 22, 2019 Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR: July 22nd Edition!

Hello, humans! Did you know that July is "National Blueberry Month" here in the States? I didn't either, but it's true!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, and life has been interesting (and tiring!) lately with several ups and downs. Let's get the bad news out of the way first so we can end this post on a happier note. If you recall the Marvelous Monday post I shared on June 24th, I told you how another tenant's dog, who I nicknamed "Vic," attacked us. While neither one of us was injured, Mommy was shaken by the incident. 

Vic Strikes Again!

Last Saturday, July 13, Vic attacked us in the front courtyard of the complex where dogs are not supposed to be off-leash. Mommy and I were hanging out with a couple of tenants, and Mommy happened to see Vic approach us. It didn't register that he was dragging his leash, but she stood up and picked me up anyway to avoid an incident. When she turned to sit back down, Vic started barking; he ran up to us and started jumping and snapping at me while I was in Mommy's arms. Mommy had a panic attack but still had the presence of mind to approach another resident for assistance. The best we can tell, while Mommy was trying to get away from Vic, he snapped at me and missed because Mommy bumped him with her hip to keep him away from me; however, while he missed me, he ended up biting Mommy. His bite didn't break her skin but she still has a nasty bruise from where he bit her. 

From what we've been told, Vic's mommy allowed her friend, the same person who dropped his leash before, to have Vic outside. Apparently, when the friend saw that Vic's mommy was outside, she dropped the leash so he could go see her. Instead, Vic saw me and attacked. Mommy reported the incident to security and when security asked her what she wanted the outcome to be, she told the officer that Vic should be muzzled. Mommy feels that the owner should be held accountable for allowing the friend, who has intentionally dropped Vic's leash in the past several times, to care for Vic. Mommy also feels that the friend should be held accountable for purposely dropping Vic's leash because the friend knows that Vic has gone after other dogs in the past. However, she feels that requiring Vic's mommy to give him up is too punitive at this point and muzzling him is the best compromise that Mommy could think of; it allows Vic's mommy to keep him, but it helps to ensure everybody's safety.

Lexi Visits the Vet

Mommy received her first installment of SSI backpay and she scheduled an appointment with my vet for this Wednesday to have the tests that are part of my Petly plan done. She also wants to discuss the fat tumors behind my right front leg. She knows that the vet will biopsy them but since one of them sits near my armpit (or legpit), it itches like crazy and I have to adjust how I walk to accommodate it. In addition to that, I had an allergic reaction to the insect repellant Mommy bought for me and I've created hotspots in a couple of places. Mommy bathed me very well, which irked me because it was 11:00 PM on Saturday night; however, the bath helped greatly but I still have a few spots around my head and ears that are still itchy. If the hotspots haven't cleared up or it looks like my skin is getting infected, we'll be able to get it taken care of before it really gets out of control. On the plus side, the Wondercide Skin Tonic and Moosh shampoo that Mommy bought for me does an awesome job of relieving the itch and soothing hotspots.

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Currently Reading

Mommy finally finished reading Deliverance by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall. It took her so long because she has been struggling with the trauma of being attacked twice by the same dog in less than a month. However, she now understands that it wasn't just "scary" for her and this understanding helps her to deal with it more effectively.

Add 'Tethered' by Bryce Gibson to your Goodreads!
The bite is worse than the bark!

The rural area in South Carolina where nineteen-year-old Aiken Pine grew up is a place that nobody seems to leave, but he is one that got away—at least for a little while.

Before Aiken became a high school dropout, he had big plans for the future. But one mistake changed everything. Last year, a chain of events led to Aiken’s pet dog brutally attacking his younger sister, Lexie.

After Lexie stabs the head cheerleader in the school hallway, Aiken is forced to go home. Everybody says bullying led to the fight, but he is convinced there is more to the story.

As Aiken begins to unravel the mystery, he is faced with other things from the past—an intricate web of secrets and lies among high school friends. People say chained dogs can become vicious over time, and Aiken begins to wonder if the same thing happens to people.

 Up Next

Mommy is looking forward to reading the fourth book in John A. Heldt's "Carson Chronicles, and she's thrilled that Carrie Miller remembered her from back in 2017 when she reviewed her debut novel, The White Raven.

Add 'Caitlin's Song' by John A. Heldt to Goodreads!   Add 'Copper Pennies' by Carrie D. Miller to Goodreads!

Before I go, I want to leave you with a thought regarding emotional support animal (ESA). When Mommy tells people that I'm an ESA, a lot of people misunderstand what she's saying because they assume that all pets, especially dogs or cats, or ESAs. To a certain extent, I suppose this is true; however, Mommy says that the only difference between me and a service dog is training. I perform specific tasks for Mommy to support her emotional and physical health, like wake her up when she has night terrors or let her know ahead of time that she will have a severe IBS flare-up. I haven't been trained to perform these, and a couple of other, tasks; however, I still do these things for her. Sure, I'm her companion but I am also an active member of her emotional support network. So, when a person tells you that their pet is an ESA, don't assume that the person means "companion," or "baby." Instead, assume that the animal is an active part of that person's emotional and physical support network, even if they haven't been specifically trained to be an active participant.

The reason why I'm saying this is because I don't think the second incident with Vic would have been allowed to happen if I was a service dog. I believe that the Housing Authority would have been quick to act after the first incident if Vic had attacked a service animal, rather than "just" an ESA. 

Marvelous Monday with Lexi at On My Kindle BR: July 22nd Edition!

Have a marvelous Monday and stay cool this week!

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