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Deliverance by Chris Lewis & Tim Pearsall

Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior, Part 3

On My Kindle BR's review of 'Deliverance' by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall.
Third gripping installment. The earth prepares to cleanse itself of the disease called mankind.

Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Alternate Reality
Pub. Date: June 16, 2019

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The war between the Cathists and the Lore wages on. At this point, Anvil understands and has control over his powers plus, the number of followers he has is increasing steadily. While his army is not as big as the Cathist army, they have Mother Earth and the elements on their side. There are many in Anvil's ranks who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the Lore, but will it be enough to win a war that has been fought and lost in the past?

I enjoyed Deliverance immensely! It reminded me of The Stand by Stephen King in a way, even though The Stand isn't an epic fantasy and the alternate reality that Deliverance is set in is less technologically advanced. I think the similarities originate from the "good versus evil" tone of the plot, how there was dissent in the corrupt Cathist ranks, and how willing the followers of the Lore were to lay down their lives.

There were a couple of flies in this proverbial honey that diverge from the tone in the previous books. For one, the followers of the Lore were so willing to lay down their lives because they were promised rest and peace in "The Mist." This irked me a bit as the members of the Cathist armies were promised something similar, except it was peace and rest in Heaven. In the end, this promise was broken on both sides; leaving me to feel that the Lore wasn't as incorruptible as the other books led us to believe. Then, some of the incorruptible and well-reasoned followers of the Lore came across almost as fanatical as some of the Cathist cardinals and priests. Then again, maybe the authors intended to point out that most spiritual belief systems generally start with pure intentions that are corrupted over time.

I thought the alternate reality that Lewis and Pearsall created was quite similar to our reality, with some interesting and unique differences. It's hard to miss the parallels between this reality's contemporary religions and the alternate reality's belief systems. The narrative jumped around a bit, making it difficult for me to become emotionally invested in one or two protagonists; however, most of the characters were already developed in the previous books so it made sense for this book to focus more on the upcoming battle.

I enjoyed the social commentary and parallels to contemporary world politics, I found them intriguing and relevant. It's definitely not your typical high fantasy book but it's definitely worth your time if you enjoy epic fantasy set in a dystopian alternate reality.

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On My Kindle BR's review of 'Deliverance' by Chris Lewis and Tim Pearsall.