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Marvelous Monday with Lexi!

July 1, 2019 Edition

Marvelous Monday with Lexi, Lexi laying down

Hello, humans. I hope you all had a great weekend because another marvelous Monday is upon us once more.

Mommy and Uncle Mike took me to the vet last week because I was starting to itch a lot. The bad news is that I have a yeast infection caused by scratching and licking. The good news is that Mommy caught it before it became as severe as it was last year. I'm currently on an anti-fungal and Tamaril-P, an antihistamine/corticosteroid combination. I'll be on the anti-fungal for a couple of weeks, but I'll need to stay on the Tamaril-P for the rest of the summer. The vet also gave Mommy a special shampoo that she is supposed to bathe me with twice a week. I don't like the idea of two baths a week, but I don't mind the new pills because Mommy bought some tasty hickory smoked pill pouches that I absolutely love.

On Saturday, I had a grooming appointment with Miss Ashley who gave me a short, summertime puppy cut. The feathers that Miss Ashley put in my hair are from another tenant in the public housing complex we live in. Mommy thinks they are absolutely perfect and I agree. I like living in public housing because I have made a lot of human friends who dote on me and a lot of dog friends who play with me. 

Mommy's doing well. She is trying to get out of the apartment a bit more, even if it's only to go downstairs and talk to the other tenants. She's hopped on the "overnight oats" bandwagon and she likes them. She doesn't make them as fancy as the people on Pinterest do, but she says they are pretty tasty. They keep her full so she doesn't do a whole lot of snacking while she's in the process of quitting smoking.

Currently Reading

Mommy is still working on the same book she was reading last week. She got a little behind on writing reviews for the books she finished, so she focused more on writing than reading last week.

Front cover of  'Anvil Creede - Dragon Warrior: Deliverance!' by Chris Lewis & Tim Pearsall
Learn more about Deliverance!

Mommy is anxiously waiting to receive her first month of disability benefits and her back pay. She has a few ongoing wishlist items she wants to buy and she has a few things that she wants my vet to look at, my teeth and the fat tumors behind my front leg. In the meantime, the medicine the vet's given me seems to be doing its job and I'm feeling much better. 

Marvelous Monday with Lexi: July 1st Edition!

Have a marvelous Monday, a happy 4th of July (for my U.S. followers), and an awesome week!

Licks and wags,

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